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Daily commitment for 8/1/08

Good morning. Uki has gone camping and I'm off to finish packing the camper for a departure in about an hour, so thought I'd take a minute to see what's up on the site. We will probably drive to New Hampshire today (maybe 6-7 hours) and then tomorrow on to Maine. Have an OP dinner planned for the camper tonight. DH is pretty good about stopping at a WW friendly restarurant when we are traveling. That is a real change for him. Years ago we only stopped at fast food places or took food in the car so that we could make good time but now that we are retired he is better at stopping at diners for a real sit down meal.
Hope you all have a great week and are able to stay on your own food program.


Re: Daily commitment for 8/1/08

Good morning everyone! I'm already at work and OP. I stayed OP yesterday and plan to do the same today. My sister and I are going shopping tomorrow in Tuscola, Il. at the outlets. There is an Amish rest. we like to eat at also, so, probably can say for certain I will make wise choices, but still probably go over points some. I have to be realistic, haha!! Last time I was there, they had this pan of roasted summer squash, zuch, red peppers, onions...OMG! I ate so much of it...whatever they seasoned it with was fabulous! Anyhow, looking forward to a little time away with her and hope everyone has a great weekend.

Re: Daily commitment for 8/1/08

I'm hanging around the house today cleaning bathrooms. Still stressing out about the final weigh in tomorrow but trying to pass the time. Nothing else too exciting for me today. Taking care of the kids

Re: Daily commitment for 8/1/08

hello everyone, here's to another good OP day...Maajida