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OP Sun 8/3

Good morning everyone. I was not around home yesterday. I went to Illinois with my sister and we did some back to school shopping for our boys. We got some good bargains at the outlets, but not as good as we usually do. I think most of the summer stuff was really picked over for Brady's size. I found me some stuff at the Bath and Body Works outlet so I was pretty happy. We ate at an Amish resturant and I had the best piece of chicken and they always have this veggie mix of zuch, yellow squash, onion, red peppers that I could literally eat by the pan..it's that good.

Today, I'm really tired. I did all the driving yesterday and I didn't sleep very well last night. We aren't going to church this morning as I feel like a zombie. My plan is to later take Brady and go get school supplies, backpack, and look for shoes. Then he'll be all set.

Have great day...it's back OP for me and no more Amish food!

Re: OP Sun 8/3

Good morning everyone....so glad to come here to post about another OP day.....I have my 16 mos. old grandson this weekend, and he is just a lovable joy...but at that age, I am sure getting some cardio work just keeping up with him, lol. I had another bad relapse a week ago, and am doing fine OP with healthy eating and with resuming my workout schedule...working hard to regain former stamina. Hope the rest of you have a great Sunday. maajida

Re: OP Sun 8/3

Getting ready for church today and totally OP. I was OP yesterday. I tracked both flex and core to make sure I wasn't overeating on core. Finally feel better and I'm going to try to bread into the 40's. I need to fit into my old jeans

Re: OP Sun 8/3

Hi everybody!! We are back. The camping trip was great and everyone had a nice time. I am OP today. I did pretty well over the trip - definitely not 100%, but I didn't blow it either. Some of the tyoes of food I ate were more processed than I am used to so I am drinking water like crazy trying to flush out all the sodium. yuck!

Anna has a gift certificate to Build a Bear, so I am taking her and a friend to the mall in a bit. She is really excited!

Re: OP Sun 8/3

Well hello everyone. Finally got my house back in order again after our vacation. It seemed to be one thing after another. We had to unpack all week and then we had schoolshopping. Also had my 2 yr old nephew all weekend so that was a blast.

Had a great time on vacation. We stayed in a beautiful log cabin house. Along with 30 of my relatives. My uncles came from as far as canada, washington and colorado. We only see each other about every 5 years.

We went through the bad lands on the way up there and then unpacked the first night.

Next day we went mini golfing and go cart racing. They also had water bumper boats and we all got soaked!!! After supper We went to the night lighting of mount rushmore. They have a short program and then the lighting. There was also a ton of military personell on leave attending so they did a little appreciation speech for them I still get shivers every time I see that monument and hear all those patriotic songs. I am so grateful for the people who serve. So if there is anyone close to you that does give them a thank you from me.

Next day my family went to crazy horse and on the needles highway through custer state park. Half way through we stopped to paddle boat on sylvan lake. The lake with all the outcropping of rocks featured in National Treasure 2 the movie. We made our way back up to rapid and went shopping in keystone. A stop at cosmos mystery area and we were back on our way to the house.

That night we had a talent show and a musical directed by my daughter and my nephew. It was a hoot.

Sunday we had a small church service with an off tune keyboard We hung around the house with the exception of my oldest she went to a water park. Got my laundry done and a little packing and just enjoyed the beautiful landscape God has painted us for the rest of the day.

Monday was leaving day and we were all sad to see it come. We left about 1030 central time and got home by 530. My husband is the one who made this possible I slept almost 4 hours of that. I was just beat.

Isnt it funny that you almost need a vacation from your vacation!!!

Anyway it is great to be back. Weighed in when I got back and I was up 1 lb but today I am back down. Did alot of walking up there.

Well see you all back on the board


Re: OP Sun 8/3

wow, Chels, what a week you had. How nice for you have that kind of fun family time. And congrats on the just one pound gain which dissappeared anyway....you must have done a great job being OP while away, in addition to all the exercise. Welcome back, maajida