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I am new to the site. I just wanted to say I love all of the great postings, ideas, and food suggestions. Everyone seems like such a nice bunch of folks.

Thank you for all of the great info.!

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Hi Jennifer! Stick around and feel free to contribute as much/often as you want. It makes the board more fun for all.

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Hi Jennifer-- always glad to see new people- this is a great site it has brought me much inspiration!!!!

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Hi Jennifer. Someone had said lately it's like having a meeting everyday when you're on this site. I totally agree. It keeps me focused all week long. Glad you're here.

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Welcome, Jennifer! We are so glad you found us. :) Feel free to join in any of the daily threads or to post with a question or helpful hint. We are so happy you joined!


Lesser Evil Snacks

Has anyone tried these? I'm curious as to how they taste/if they're worth the money.



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Welcome Jennifer! Glad to see someone close to where I live join in. :)

I've tried all of the lesser evil snacks and have to say they're very good. Too good in my opinion though because I couldn't stay out of them and only eat one portion. LOL!

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welcome, Jennifer...it's nice to have a new 'face', and Aimee, how wonderful to see your posting. How are you doing? maajida

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Thanks for the tip about the Lesser Evil snacks. I better stay away from those, too, then!

Thanks for the greetings!

I'm taking off work tomorrow and going to TJs to stock up on items listed on this site. I am looking forward to trying some new things!