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Daily commitment thread for 8-5-08

Good morning everyone!! We leave for another camping trip tomorrow so today will be a day of packing. Seems like I just did that... LOL

Wes is supposed to do some yard work for my mom today but I am not sure the weather is going to cooperate. We will just wait and see. He wants to earn some money and sadly, mom and dad, just don't have it right now, so we farmed him out to whoever in the family needs help.

We will be gone until Saturday, so I will try to get the thread started tomorrow morning, but I sure would appreciate it if someone could take over while I am gone.


Re: Daily commitment thread for 8-5-08

Good morning Uki and everyone...I'm headed for another OP day...energy increasing, clothes fitting better, outlook better, with each passing OP day. Heading for spin class this morning and then errands.....back to work a week from Thursday...the summer just flew by as usual. Have a great trip Uki and a great day to everyone...Maajida

Re: Daily commitment thread for 8-5-08

Busy day. We spend 12 hours at the lake yesterday, got home at 11pm! Then my hubby and I are going to the ZZ Top concert tonight for our 10th anniversary! I think t will be so much fun.

Re: Daily commitment thread for 8-5-08

Happy Anniversary, Lisa, hope you had a great time tonight...maajida