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good eve

GOOD EVENING!!! Hi all- i weigh in tom- have any of you ever had a week where you don't honestly know how it went- i had it. i think i did goood but i don't honestly know if i did---- i will let you all know tom- we shall see- how is everyone............ i hope everyone is well- talk to you all tom

Re: good eve

Hi Ang, yes, I know what you mean re not sure what kind of week we have sometimes....it's confusing, because we know whether or not we've been OP, but the scale numbers do not always reflect our OP behavior every single week. And weigh-ins can be impacted by so many things besides the 'technicality' of being OP...ie sodium content consumed in the days leading up to a weigh-in, amount of exercise, etc. No matter what a weigh-in says, we can kind of 'play detective' and try to think back to what impacted our results. Hang in there re tomorrow's weigh-in...and look at all the other ways to measure progress such as better clothes fit, increased stamina, strength, flexibility, etc. Best of luck and remember it's how all the weeks add up...one week won't make or break our progress. You'll do great, Maajida

Re: good eve

Oh, yes! That is familiar. There are weeks that you can be 100% OP and the sodium thing, like Maaj said, messes up the number on the scale. I have also had weeks where I strayed some and lost weight! Go figure! The thing I tell myself is that WW knows what it is doing, so even if the scale fluctuates from time to time, the prgram really works, so that in the long run you do lose weight. Another thing that affected me was muscles retaining water. This happens when you beginworking out or change do a more intense program. It is temporary too.

Hang in there, angela - you are doing so well and the scale will show it and so will the fit of your clothes.