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Daily commitment thread for 8-6-08

Hi there! I am up early in preparation for our camping trip. Scott wants to ride our bikes this morning before we go and we still have stuff to load up, so I just got up to get things done. The kids are really excited to go, so there is no fooling around today! LOL

Happy anniversary Lisa. I hope you had a wonderful day.

Good luck today on weigh in, Angela. I am sure you had a good week. Your enthusiasm is so encouraging. Thank you for posting and sharing!

Maaj, glad to have you back OP. We all have strayed and know how that feels. Hugs to you!

Everyone else, have a wonderful Wednesday and I will check back in on Saturday.


Re: Daily commitment thread for 8-6-08

Good morning, everyone...here's to another OP day. Uki, wow, I am impressed...taking the time to bike before packing up for a trip...that is just awesome! I'm off to the gym very early this am., then house cleaning and a blissful mid-day massage appt., yippee. Returning to work in one more week, after Summer break. Maajida, who is so relieved to be back into an OP rhythm......

Re: Daily commitment thread for 8-6-08

Hi everyone. I've been super busy at work and haven't had a lot of free time to post, but I've been reading. I'll be honest...it's been hard to be OP for about the last week. I had a trip with my sister on Sat. and we ate Amish style food. Tried to make good choices, but..
Then, Mon I ate super light and took my 18 yr. old cousin out for Mexican and although I ate healthy, I'm sure portions sizes put me over my points. Last night, I was "forced" to go to a steakhouse after work...kind of a working dinner. All this eating out has me up 5 lbs. (not to mention my system is out of whack)...

So, this morning I'm back on program and I've comed armed with a big salad with veggies from my garden, a lunch meat sandwich, and grapes. I have no more special trips or events on my agenda for quite awhile. You know, being this busy, I haven't had time to make sure I've been getting my water in and my working out has stopped for about a week now with all this craziness in my life. It's no wonder I'm up! So, I'm committed to cracking down on myself and "get with the program!!" Have a great day all and I hope no one is struggling as much as I have been!!

Re: Daily commitment thread for 8-6-08

OK, zz top was totally awesome. They are so talented it's unbelievable. They didn't have to run across the stage and jump around like monkeys, they just stood there, did their signature moves and played so awesome. It was a fun date.