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Daily commitment thread 8/7/08

Good morning everyone. I didn't see where anyone had started the thread, so I will.

I'm already here at work. My hubby and I decided we are going to try and sell the house again. We tried about a year ago and it just didn't sell. We had gotten an offer, but the people really low-balled us and after that we just gave up. Well, were trying again. He spent yesterday working on pulling weeds and mulching around the landscape trying to spruce up the yard. Today, he's slapping a second coat of paint and finishing some odds/ends in a bathroom we remodeled last Oct. So, he's busy with that. Tonight, we meet with my aunt (who's in real estate) and she is going to get our house listed.

I had a great OP day yesterday. I'm by myself here at work today, the dr. I work for is on vacation so I have some quiet time to work on our insurance/AR. Other than that, that's about it.

Have a great OP day everyone!!

Re: Daily commitment thread 8/7/08

Good morning, everyone, here's to a great OP day. Good luck selling your house....bet things will go better this time. These are tough times, but all it takes is one good serious offer. I'm back to work one week from today, which will bring a whole new set of interesting challenges to remaining OP....but I am ready to meet those challenges and I want to treasure the part of Summer I have left. Take care everyone, Maajida

Re: Daily commitment thread 8/7/08

hello everyone. Have had a pretty good but busy week so far. Been doing really good at staying op at work but having trouble when I get home. Made it to walmart and packed up on some good food for the weekend. We are going camping with my dad and I wanted to have a few of my own things to munch on or add to the grill. Has anyone ever had turkey brats? I love brats and so I picked up some of these hoping they would be similar. Also got some roast beef and cheese for sandwiches for tonight. We have bible school program with hotdogs and chips after so I will eat before so I am not so temped to go after the dogs.

Hope you all had a great day