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Daily Committment Thread - 8/8/08

It's already 8am. here in N. Calif. Can't believe I am the first to post for our daily committment thread. Wishing you all a happy and healthy OP day! maajida, who is so glad to come here and post about committing to be OP today!

Re: Daily Committment Thread - 8/8/08

I'm in too! Been super busy with lots of worries on my mind today. However, I've been OP all the way.

Where in the world is everyone?? I know some are on vacation, but this board is dead today.

Re: Daily Committment Thread - 8/8/08


I'm new here...but really need some help!!! Things have been a little stressful and seems like I am so preoccupied with eating, either thinking about what I've eaten that I shouldn't have, or thinking about what I'm going to eat that will be healthy!!!!!!! I just want to get food out of my head!!!!!!! Thanks for listening!!

Re: Daily Committment Thread - 8/8/08

Hi Dina (welcome to a very special place) and Carrie and everyone! I guess people are away or just very busy...so glad you guys responded. All three of us sound like we are under a great deal of stress...I know I am...and it's strange, as I recover from a recent relapse, it's strange to be experiencing tough times without the filter or 'protection' that I thought unhealthy eating always used to provide. The emotions are sharper without the numbing out of overeating, and painful though it is, it feels better and 'cleaner' and that the emotions are more clear this way. I too identify with what Dina said about hating the constant emphasis on eating and wt. related issues. I look forward to the time in my life when eating, weight, and fitness will always be concerns, but that they will drop to the background of my life instead of the obsessive foreground. Hope everyone's stress lessens...the more OP we are, the more strong we'll get to handle what comes out way. Take care, maajida