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Missed you all

Hi !!! I have been on a mini vacation for a few days- state fair and such--- it was so hard but i did fairly well- only ate corn cob at fair- then i hate half a brat with a bun last nite - bad= don't even know what to count it as. anyone know....... I missed all of you, i will write more later. Hope everyone ok

Re: Missed you all

great job on the eating at the fair....that kind of situation has long been a challenge for me and the source of some very out of control eating I did in the PAST.....you are an inspiration...and don't worry how to count what you had...hopefully it was enjoyed and then you can get back to being OP and program into your eating day some foods you really enjoy. Good job! Maajida

Re: Missed you all

Angela, you did much better with your eating than I did on my vacation. If you really want to count the brat, look in your Week 1 book it should be there. I would just forget it and figure it was part of the 35 extra points for the week.