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Daily commitment thread for 8-11-08

Good morning! We are off to the zoo today with the kids. Scott returns to work on Wednesday, so we are trying to squeeze out a few last days as a family. The summer has gone so quickly this year. I will miss him being gone again during the day. With having the summer off, we get into a little routine and I love the company. The kids don't go back until the 26th, so they still have a couple weeks. Even that is going fast though...

How about you? What are you up to today?

Re: Daily commitment thread for 8-11-08

Good morning Uki and everyone...yes, I agree, the Summer has dissappeared....I have the Summer off and have to go back to work Thursday.....trying to squeeze out the last few days of freedom with a combination of nec. errands and appts and some quiet restful time. Here's to another OP day no matter what I do or where I go. maajida

Re: Daily commitment thread for 8-11-08

Good morning everyone. Another OP day for me. Off to the pool in a few minutes. After my workout I have to go pick up my sewing machines from the stay at the doctor. I usually take them in while we are on vacation. While we were in Maine I was using old, donated machines which weren't great It will be so good to have my good machines back.
I agree about the summer going fast. This year it seems that we are home for a week or two and then off again. Just get the camper emptied and its time to reload for the next trip. I have to start back to work in the fall giving flu shots. They have set up the orientation for Sept 4 then we start clinics the first of Oct.
Well, better get ready to leave. Talk to you soon.


Re: Daily commitment thread for 8-11-08

This is my day off, so I'll be doing some laundry. I feel like I've already done a days worth of housework, haha!!

I had a great OP day yesterday. Today, I have a drs. appt. this afternoon, my youngest will miss his nap. That makes for a very long day! I think I have my oldest ready to start school on Wed. Summer sure when fast...they didn't even get a full 12 weeks here.

Anyhow, hope everyone has a great day.