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Daily commitment thread for 8-12-08

Hi everyone! We had such a nice day yesterday. We had a pancake breakfast (Op, of course) then we went to the zoo. That was great. We all enjoyed it. Then we headed over to Scott's new school and met the principal and toured the building. Ironically, things are very unsettled there, but we have the most peaceful feeling that this teaching year will be 100 times better in this school than in the last one. Right now, he has no room for music, no materials, no office, they enrolled for a classroom that now they have no space for, etc. I mean this is nuts!! LOL But, the principal is a gem, and 75% of the staff are Christians and they all have faith that God will work this out. It is so wonderful. He starts there on Wednesday morning, so this is his last day of summer vacation. We have no plans yet, but I will find something fun for us to do... I hope! LOL

How about you?

Re: Daily commitment thread for 8-12-08

Good morning. Off to the pool later this morning. I've been so stiff lately that I need the time in the water. I have Fibromyalgia and haven't had any pain for so long but it seems to have reared it's ugly head. After I get home have to do some house cleaning and laundry. Then it's time to pack the camper again. This weekend it's only an overnight. We have an antique car show and flea market to go to on Sunday. I'll set up my flea market space with all my purses and bags that I've made. Next week is a 5 day trip to a Bluegrass Festival.
I've been able to stay OP since we got back from Maine. Hope it shows when I get weighed on Thurs.

Have a good day


Re: Daily commitment thread for 8-12-08

Back to work for me and it's going to be a busy day at that. DH is taking my oldest to his school later so he can see which teacher he got this year and also to drop off the bulky supplies we had to purchase. Then, there will be an ice cream social in the cafe he can attend. Usually they hold this in the eve, but this year it's right smack in the middle of the work day and we didn't get the notice until Friday late afternoon. Needless to say, it didn't leave me any time to plan to take off, so DH is getting this task this year, haha.

Had a great OP day yesterday and plan another one today.

Have great day everyone.

Daily commitment thread for 8-12-08

Will be on my second day of completely OP after taking the week off last week.

Re: Daily commitment thread for 8-12-08

good morning, all, and here's to another OP day...I feel like a person with two weeks of food sobriety literally and figuratively, under her belt, lol. It just feels so much better to be OP, that I can't understand why the pull to get off program can be so powerful at times. This is my last day of calm before dh returns from a business trip tomorrow and I have to return to work on Thursday after the summer off. Take care everyone, Maajida

Daily commitment thread for 8-12-08

OP today!!