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Good Morning all - I'm new to the site - but not new to Aimee's excellent recipes. Just last night I made the muffin meatloafs (I have the book) - and I came online to see if there was a way I could share it via email with a friend, without having to type it all out. I read Aimee's story - and it hit me in the face - it's almost my story - except I haven't gained it all back ... yet. I was going full steam ahead when I first joined WW - 2/12/05 - I was 263, and one year later I was down 33 lbs. On 8/19/06 - I hit my all time low - 207 - and once I realized that I was finally going to get under 200 - mentally something happened and wham - slowly crept back up to 220. I've managed to maintain right around 220 since then - so 2 years now. It's time to get back on track, and get serious. I know WW inside and out - I KNOW if I journal, I'm successful. I have friends at my WW meeting that encourage me. I have a wonderful treadmill. In summer I have the pool. So - after reading what Aimee went through - and was able to pick herself up and get going again - I vowed to do the same. I'm looking forward to getting to know you all ! Jerzydeb

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Hey Jerzydeb welcome

I'm, from NJ also down the shore....

THis is a good site, alot of us made goal and below just from coming here on a daily basis..

I'm not as active here as I used to be, one has to endure changes in life to keep the On Program going..

good luck and hope you keep coming around..

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Glad to meet you. You will find support here so post often. There are a couple of daily threads that you can post your plans for the day.
I'm right where you were. Started at 276 and now at 208, Losses seem to have slowed down but I'm not giving up.



Welcome Jerzydeb. It's always nice to see new people. Check back often. There are alot of great people on this MB to lend you support.


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Welcome to you, Jerzydeb! I am a WW Lifetimer and have
been maintaining a little below goalweight since Jan-
uary 2008. I send good wishes along to you on this
lifelong journey!


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Welcome aboard! I'm still in the losing phase of my journey. I have about another 27 more to go. As of today, I've lost around 83 lbs. or so....I'm trying not to be really obsessive with the scale right now.

Anyway, post often!

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Jerzydeb, welcome to a very special place. The gals here are so encouraging and share such a wise perspective. I am making a similar journey to what you describle....working on 90 lb loss, 60 gone and the last 30 I keep losing and gaining and losing and regaining. You struck a responsive chord when you mentioned something happening to your motivation when you realized that you could get under 200....I am also concerned about what happens when I engage in self sabotage of my progress when I get too close to my goal...I'd love to hear what our other friends here have to say on the subject. Take care and again, welcome. Maajida

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Welcome, Jerzydeb!! We are so pleased that you found us. Many of us have similar stories of losing and gaining over a period of time, so we can relate to your struggles. There are ladies here on flex, and ladies on core. There are ladies that have just begun their WW journeys and ladies who are on maintenance. We really try to be a supportive group where you can post with questions or comments and we love it when folks share what works for them or a new food find, or a good recipe, so feel free to post anytime! Thanks for joining us and we look forward to getting to know you.