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new to amiee's adventures

hi im new here, im starting WW tomorrow and i wanted to know if anyone had any good advice

Re: new to amiee's adventures

Welcome Janice and we are glad to have you.

I think the WW plan is filled with great information, so read you WW materials and follow the plan. If you have questions, feel free to ask your leader. Follow the 8 healthy guidelines.

Are there specific questions you have that we may be able to answer? Feel free to ask, and we will help in any way we can.

Welcome aboard. :)

Re: new to amiee's adventures

Janice, welcome to our group. Uki's advice is right. READ, READ, READ your materials. If you can clean your cupboards of foods that you don't want to eat that is a good idea. Most of us can't do that because families seem to want that junk food. If you haven't found it yet check out the Weightwatchers.com message boards. The ones for Flex and Core are both full of information.
You will find out tomorrow that there are 2 WW plans. Try one of them for a month or so and then if you want to shake things up try the other one. I've done both programs and find I'm happier on Core. Most people do the Flex (points) program.
Be sure and stay for the orientation and don't hesitate to ask questions.
Don't spend lots of your points on the 100 cal packs. Sure you can have them and fit them in with your points but real food (fruits and veggies) are so much better.
I'll get off my soapbox now. Be sure and check back in with us and keep posting. We have a thread for posting our daily commitment to staying on plan (OP), one for exercise and also a place to post your weekly weigh in results.


Re: new to amiee's adventures

Thanks for all of the advice. It was really helpful. I'm looking forward to my meeting today at 5pm.

new to amiee's adventures

Welcome Janice. Check back often and let us know how your meeting went.