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Daily commitment thread for 8-14-08

Hello and Good morning!

Ever have one of those days where God just was looking out for you? That was me yesterday. I had a good OP breakfast and lunch. In the morning I hit a church rummage sale and got the most amazing deals. Wednesday evening is date night for Scott and me. We usually get take out food or eat out, but not anywhere expensive. So last night we opted for Mcdonald's. I ordered a small hamburger and added heavy lettuce and tomato and a small fries. I also planned for an ice cream cone. Had my dinner, and my cone and was doing fine. On the way home, I felt that familiar tug. You know the one - it whispers at you to eat something else. I wanted peanut butter M&M's. I had this nagging feeling that this was going to lead to something very bad, but I stopped at the store. It was CLOSED! LOL I stopped at the convenience store on the corner and they DID NOT have them. LOL I thought about buying something else, but common sense took over and I left the store. God was sending me a clear message that I DID NOT NEED TO EAT MORE. At home I thought about eating more, and then settled myself down and paid attention to my body's cues. I didn't need anymore food. I had eaten plenty. I could eat again tomorrow. I don't have to eat it all now. I took a shower, drank a little of my leftover diet coke, watched Jon and Kate Plus 8, and went to bed! This morning I feel happy, not guilty like I would have if I had continued eating. Yay!

Thanks for listening.


Re: Daily commitment thread for 8-14-08

Oh Uki, what a wonderful story...I guess it's unrealistic to think these cravings will just go away if we remain OP...you are living proof that we can deal with these challenges and still come out of them without damage to our emotional or physical fitness. You are a true inspiration. I am glad to be checking in here to be OP....a huge transition day for me...back to work this morning after the Summer off....but heading to gym before work and planning to be OP. Have a good day, Uki and everyone. Maajida

Re: Daily commitment thread for 8-14-08

Uki - what a great story, and yes, very inspirational! I'll remember that next time I get that all to familiar tug.

I did well yesterday, ate oven friend chicken, rice and salad for our big meal, no dessert. So overall good day. Lots of fruit.

Today is fish day - again, an easy day to stay OP as long as I don't snack during the day.

Pat - yes, I quilt as well. I also sew clothing - but mostly for my own kids. I belong to a wonderful online quilting group - we've had two retreats that I've attended - one in Texas this year, and last year up in Michigan. I picked up quilting when I was on bedrest with dd#3, and have been at it ever since. I do mostly bedsize quilts - and although it is my intention to one day sell them - I don't know if that will happen. Each time I finish one - one of my kids just "needs" it LOL. Last night I finished a 84" x 84" butterfly batik quilt - and dd#2 claimed it. Sigh. But - they do enjoy them - and they take excellent care of them - so I don't mind. I've given quilts to most of my extended family - as well as my dh's family in Egypt. I quilt sometimes to keep away from eating - can NOT get any crumbs on the fabric - not at those prices LOL

Re: Daily commitment thread for 8-14-08

Good morning everyone. I'm off to WW in a few minutes. Got on my scale and I think I met my goal of staying the same weight as I was 2 weeks ago before we spent a week in Maine.
Uki, I loved your story. Sometimes I wish that God would speak louder (scream) at me when I start getting those urges. You did good girl.
Jerzydeb- I'm impressed when someone does large quilts. I mostly do crib size and donate them to Project Linus and Birthright. I can't bring myself to take anything to a longarm quilter so I do mostly straight line quilting on my regular machine. I really love making purses. By trying to sell them I can keep making different styles. I work for about $1 an hour for what I can sell them for. You are right that when I am sewing I can't eat.
Everyone have a good day


Re: Daily commitment thread for 8-14-08

Well, I'm in for another OP day.

Uki - I was on Freecycle earlier checking my emails and someone in a neighboring town is giving away WW material...I put in for it so I hope they notify me. People always borrow my stuff and I never get it back, LOL. She's including a points finder or two, so I hope she picks my email.

Had a great day yesterday. At 10:00 I as folding laundry and my stomach was just growling. I checked my journal and even though I'd ate all day (really low pt. stuff) and still had about 6 points left. I opted for a protein bar (got it at Aldi's...Fit/Active Caramel Nut, YUM-O) and it was super satisfying.

Hope you all have a great day!!

Re: Daily commitment thread for 8-14-08

Carrie, I sure hope you get the WW stuff!! That would be so cool. Don't you just find some of the stuff on freecycle amazing? You jsut never know what you may luck into. :)

Re: Daily commitment thread for 8-14-08

Uki - she picked my email and I pick up stuff tonight. Yay!!

Re: Daily commitment thread for 8-14-08

What is free cycle?

Daily commitment thread for 8-14-08

I had another OP day today. I'm back on track.