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WW meeting topic this week

Today was a fun meeting. We talked about how WW has changed over the years. Anyone else been around long enough to remember 2 servings of bread a day, liver once a week and fish 5 meals a week? We had some people who were with WW back in the 70's. I remember most of that even though I went to Diet Workshop instead of WW. We had so many servings of different food groups that you were supposed to eat each day (and no more). WW had a similar program back then.
We played a game of picking a topic and the leader asked us questions about that topic. Some of them were=
Can you eat any Core food for a snack- Yes the rules changed in January.
Can you count your oils from fish oil capsules- NO
Can you add extra fiber supplements to food to lower the points- NO
It was a lot of fun and stimulated lots of questions.
She ended with a quote from the founder of WW. I didn't write it down but was on the lines of WW hasn't really changed over the years. It is still a supportative place for those who come. Still stresses that people aren't bad because they are overweight.
Next week is supposed to be about setting mid-point goals.


WW meeting topic this week

Pat, this was the topic at my meeting on Sunday. It was really interesting to hear some of the things that WW used to be like. Thanks for posting this. You must pay more attention than me, because I could have never come back and posted all the details that you did.


Re: WW meeting topic this week

I also remember 1 banana a week
1 liver meal a week (uck)

making your own ketchup from boiled down
tomato juice.
tons of stringbeans...

and instant powered milk to make shakes.

I did hit goal at that time and did make lifetime.
that was in the 70's...

Re: WW meeting topic this week

Ah, the seventies! I had no need of WW then.:) I was
keeping up with three active little girls under the
age of two! I began WW in 1993 and made goalweight in
1994. I remember counting how many daily servings we
were allowed of certain foods and how many extra cal-
ories a day we were permitted. I must admit that I
like the current system better.