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Daily commitment thread for 8-15-08

Good morning! Welcome to a beautiful Friday morning. :)

Carrie, I am so tickled that you got the WW stuff from freecycle. When you pick it up, fill us in on what all you received. I am curious. :)

Chelsie, Freecycle is an online yahoo group that is all over the world. Once you join (which is free) you have access to a local bulletin board where folks post items they are giving away and you can post for either items you are giving away or items you would like to receive. The catch is all items must be free - they cannot be for sale. I am a moderator for our local group and I have given away and received so much stuff! We have received everthing from clothing and household items, to a wheelbarrow, fishing poles, a tv with a built in VCR, furniture, toys, etc. Honestly, I never buy anything anymore. We get it all from freecycle. I just got an awesome blender and Wes got a video camera. :)

So today, I am having lunch with my mom and getting some stuff done around here. We also head out to Aldi's to stock up on some odds and ends.

How about you?

Re: Daily commitment thread for 8-15-08

OP OP OP OP...that's me today...love, Maaj

Re: Daily commitment thread for 8-15-08

Good morning. Another OP day for me. Off to the pool this AM then have to get my eyes checked. Since I'm diabetic have to get annual eye exams. I was due in the spring and my doc wasn't happy when I saw him that I hadn't had it done.
Tomorrow I go to a quilt show and pack the camper, Sunday I will set up my flea market space to sell my purses/bags.
Uki, I just signed up for Freecycle it sounds interesting.

Have a good day


Re: Daily commitment thread for 8-15-08

Pat, you mentioned a Bluegrass Festival the other day.
Where is that going to be held? Will you have to go a
long distance?

This is a big week-end here - 39th anniversary!

Hope everyone has a great week-end!

Re: Daily commitment thread for 8-15-08

Happy Anniversary Nellie -

And enjoy the quilt show Patty - I'm jealous

Uki - I thought of you yesterday - we were running all day - so I stopped at DQ for ice cream (4 kids - I just couldn't say no) DS got some star contraption on a stick, 2 of the kids got large vanillas dipped in cherry, and I and dd#1 got medium vanillas dipped in cherry. DS saw everyone else had the same thing - and wanted one too. He's five - doesn't quite understand yet - so I decided to trade with him. He was happy, and when I read the nutrionals for his - it was only 80 calories and 0 grams of fat. WOW. Couldn't have made a better choice if I tried - and it really wasn't bad. So God must have been showing me that it wasn't time to teach my son a lesson, but to let him be happy, and let me be OP!!!

Tomorrow morning is my WW meeting - we meet up early - around 6:30 a.m. - so we have a chance to chat outside before the meeting starts - it's my favorite part of the week!

Have a good day everyone.


Re: Daily commitment thread for 8-15-08

Way to go, Jerzydeb!!! :) Isn't it so cool when God intervenes and things work out so much better. Good going! You were OP all the way and still got to have a treat. Gotta love that.

Re: Daily commitment thread for 8-15-08

Well, I'm here at work and OP! We are having a family dinner tonight for my cousin who is going off to college tomorrow. We're having sloppy joes/chips/brownies. I'm in charge of Baked Lays, cucs from my garden, and bringing a WW dessert. I'm picking up an angel food cake and whipped cream b/c I only have an hour after work to do that and get my family to my aunts house.

Had great OP day yesterday. I picked up my 'free' WW material. I got a bunch of journals, a dine out book, a slider, slider for the workouts, the starter book, lots of recipe cards, Week 1-8 pamplets...most of it I gave to the dr. I work for b/c she's been using my materials and doing the program with me. I was worth the drive over just to get a better dine out book (even though it's a few yrs. old)...nice to have a quick reference in my bag for when I'm not right at a computer. So, I was thrilled to get the stuff. Talk about fun! I can't believe all the cool stuff you've received. What a blessing!

I'm literally starving at the moment. I'm trying to hold out another 30 min until lunch, but I don't think I can. So, I'm off to get my grapes.

Have great day everyone.

Re: Daily commitment thread for 8-15-08

Nellie, Congratulations on your anniversary (our 38th is in Nov.). The bluegrass festival is in Lodi NY which is about 2 hours south of us. We went last year and had a ball. It is a sheep farm where they put all the sheep in on pasture and use the other pastures to park campers in. The owners built a large porch which is used as a stage off their house and we all sit in their yard and listen to different bands for 4 days. When the official performances are over the people in the campground get together and play. Jim and I have no musical talent so we just enjoy listening. It's strange that I haven't any musical talents since the Carter Family (June Carter, Johnny Cash's wife) are my relatives. June's Dad was a cousin to my grandpa. Some of the family got talents but not me.
Wow, didn't mean to get so mouthy.
I just sent my first request for a Freecycle post. A woman in the next town posted that she had lots of shirts and sweaters in my size. Hope I get it. I will be in her town tomorrow night.
Well better get busy and fix supper. I'm starved. Went to Panera Bread for lunch. If you haven't had their Strawberry Poppyseed salad with grilled chicken and you can get there in the next 2 weeks you really should try it. The dressing is FF and it has strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, mandarin oranges and pecans (I leave off the pecans). I'm on Core so don't know the points but I'm sure its on their website.


Re: Daily commitment thread for 8-15-08

Pat, Panera is my favorite! I have had that salad.

We were at Carter Fold just two weeks ago with an
alumni group from my college in Southwestern Virginia.
That was the first time we had been there, but it is
not such a great distance from where we live.

I am not such a huge fan of bluegrass, but DH is, and
I will accompany him occasionally.:) It isn't hard to
find a place with bluegrass music almost any week-end.

We were 29 when we married, and our first child was
born on my 33rd birthday. Next year,for the 40th, I
think a special party is in order. :)

Happy week-end to everyone!

Re: Daily commitment thread for 8-15-08

Nellie, we were at Carter Fold a few years ago. Our church went on a mission trip to Dungannon and I contacted a cousin of my dad's who lives near Gate City. He took me on a tour of where my dad's folks grew up. The cousin still owns the property that my great-great grandfather owned. Small world isn't it?

On the Freecycle clothes, I didn't get it, they were already gone.