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Daily commitment thread for 8-17-08

Good morning and happy Sunday!

It sure sounds like everyone was having a good day yesterday.

WE did get out to see Scott' folks in the afternoon and stopped by the library. Our library has cake pans you can check out - like the Wilton ones. The kids declared the parakeet's anniversary to be Monday, so we are having a "parakeet anniversary party." LOL They all have friends coming over, and we will serve dinner, and I was commissioned to make an anniversary cake for the birds. We borrowed a heart style pan and stopped by Wal-Mart and got cake decorating supplies. I have never done this before, so here's hoping it turns out okay. :)

We are off to church this morning and then in the afternoon we visit some friends who have a 6 year old that is one of Mitch's buddies. Mitch will be staying overnight there. This is his FIRST sleepover that is not at Grandma's!! He is so excited. I am sure he will be fine, but I will miss him.

What are your plans today?

Re: Daily commitment thread for 8-17-08

That's an awesome idea your library has - those cake pans are $$$ - and usually you only use them once (I have a spiderman one from ds's last birthday - he better like spiderman for a few more years so I get my money's worth LOL)

I did good yesterday - good WI, good trip to the grocery store, lots of laps in the pool, then some power walking around the mall last night.

Today - I homeschool my girls, and since we're taking most of next week off - we're going to do school today. Then pooltime. Hoping dh will come home early and take all 4 of them to play tennis and I'll head back to the mall (great back to school sales).

STeak on the grill, stuffed peppers on the grill, and not quite sure about dessert yet for dinner. Cake sounds good - maybe I'll make the jello dreamsicle cake.

Re: Daily commitment thread for 8-17-08

Hello everyone...I'm looking forward to another OP day. I have my 17 mos. old grandson who spent last night with me, and just waiting for him to wake up so we can start our day...the park, a visit to my mom, etc. Then after I bring him home, I am looking foward to a quiet restful afternoon and evening before the start of another crazy week. Still adjusting to being back to work after the summer off. It's working out well to get my exercise done early in the am. before work, because the gyms I belong to are on the way, and then I don't have to worry about it after work when there are so many other things going on. Take care and have a great day everyone, love, Maajida