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Hi all and good eve,,, my twins start 1st grade tommorrow, i am not at all ready, i bought last minute supplys- this a.m. and feel totally guilty because they were out of pink erasers and the brand of scissors they need- LOL, i really do feel bad.... SO, we are getting up early, and going to look at one more store.
Strange i know this message really has nothing to do with weight watchers, just had to vent a bit, i hope you all have a great week!!!! Chat with you all soon!!

Re: school

Hi Angela! I can relate. My youngest starts 1st grade next week. We home schooled for a number of years and loved it, but by the time I was in need of schooling "officially" 2 kids, I also had a new baby and was overwhelmed at the thought of it. So, now the kids go to public school. They are doing very well, but I miss them during the day. Once they it all day classes, I really feel like they are growing up.

I pick up school supplies for them today too.


Re: school

Hi Angela, I too relate to what you said about agonizing over the right school supplies...but I don't think you are talking about stuff unrelated to weight concerns. How we are doing in other areas of our lives can impact our healthy efforts to stay OP...I think it's all intertwined....and I am on the receiving end of all those precious munchkins returning to school which is what my day will be today, so I greatly sympathize...once they are in school all day, it's really a milestone / turning point in their development. Hope it's a wonderful day for parents, staff, and most of all for those sweet munchkins. Sincerely, maajida


Maajida, do you teach? If so, what do you teach?


Re: school

Angela, we also have twins. Of course they are way
past the "first day of school" stage, having graduated
from college over 11 years ago, and their big sister
graduated two years before they did. Buying school
supplies was a huge job. School here has been in ses-
sion for a week. This is my sixth school year to be
retired from teaching third grade. I will be working
in some time for volunteering, just as I have for the
past five years. I agree that everything is related.
Preparing for a new school year can be one of the stresses that influences our eating habits. I know I
would very often turn to food as a stress-releaser as
the day ended. Wouldn't you know it now? It is about
3:00 that many days I feel like it is time to have a
healthy snack! Carried over from that teaching career
I am sure.


Re: school

I'm stress eating a little bit. More though I'm just not paying total attention to staying on plan enough to loose weight because I'm so anxious to get moving on school next week. I'm cleaning out the kids rooms and closets to everything is ready and easy to keep in order.

A little over the edge but it helps me keep things in line when the schedule gets crazy. I'm hoping to start loosing again when next week hits.

Also had the flu this week so 4 cans of sprite really doesn't help the diet

Re: school

Hey all- sorry our internet was down a few days- i missed you all- thanks for all the support.