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Daily commitment thread 8-18-08

Good morning!

Well, Mitch is at his first real sleepover and we didn't get a phone call, so all must be going fine. LOL I actually wasn't worried at all, but I still had an ear out for the phone last night. He is 6 now, so this wasn't really a big deal, but he is still my baby. :)

Off to get school supplies today and then celebrate the parakeets 1 year wedding anniversary tonight. I baked the cake yesterday with Anna, and it looks great. We will decorate it this morning. The kids want white and blue as the colors because the birds are white and blue. LOL

I will get a bike ride this morning too before it gets too hot.

How about you?

Re: Daily commitment thread 8-18-08

It's back to work for me today....hitting the gym early am. beforehand...Planning to be OP all the way today despite the challenges that are sure to be in our staff room. Have a great start to the week, everyone. Maajida

Re: Daily commitment thread 8-18-08

Good morning everyone. Off to the pool in a few minutes then have to get groceries for our trip this week. Had a good day yesterday at the car show and flea market. I didn't do alot of business but sold a few bags/purses. Got a real compliment. A woman who has bought from me for a couple years at this show came up and picked up a few things and then she said I bought from the other lady in years past her name is Pat. I said that's me but she said no she is much older. Of course Jim was sitting there and he said "see I told you you look younger with long hair (had it in a pony tail)". We have argured all our marriage about me wanting to cut my hair and him wanting it long. I've had others tell me that I look younger since I've lost weight but never had someone not recognize me
Did pretty good on the food front. Took my veggie burgers for the picnic and got razed by the men cooking hot dogs and sausage, but they were good.
Yesterday had the camper frig available so no problems staying on plan until we came home. I was so tired and hot that we ordered pizza and I ate it and enjoyed it. Today is back OP.
Well, better get going have a limited time I can get in the pool.


Daily commitment thread 8-18-08

LOL Pat! That is a great compliment. I know it made you feel good.