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Getting in your healthy oils

Ever since I started WW in February, I have never really paid attention to getting my servings of oils in. Quite honestly, I didn't want to use up 2 points on oil. However, I keep reading lately on how essential it is to get them in, but I've been struggling with how to do it. Today, I thought of a way to do it for lunch. I eat PBJ sandwiches using lowfat PB. The PB is hard to spread, so I mixed a tsp. of oil in with it. Wha la, one serving down and easy to spread PB.

How are some ways that you get in the oil?


Re: Getting in your healthy oils

One way I get in my oil is to scramble an egg in one
teaspoon for breakfast. If I find I have not worked it
in any other way, I just drizzle a teaspoon over any
vegetable that I have prepared - without any added fat, of course. :) I have also drizzled it on bread
rather than using any mayo. It is good with tomato
sandwiches. :) I am not really excited about doing
this because it uses up two points that I would think
to eat another way; however, I have found it to have a
filling effect.


Getting in your healthy oils

Nellie, I haven't thought to just drizzle it over my veggies. Like I said earlier, I really haven't given much thought to even using them. Like you, it does not make me happy to use 2 points for this. However, I need to, so will.


Re: Getting in your healthy oils

I was having the same problem. I bought a nice looking cruet set and have oil and red wine vinegar in them and leave it on the table. On Core the first 2 tsp of oil are "free" and even then I have trouble remembering all the time. I've been known to put it on my oatmeal (canola, can't taste it). My big problem is I'm afraid if I use it in the morning I'll want to make something at supper that needs oil, then I end up not using any. Not wanting to use up points is one of the reasons I switched to Core. I love fruit and hated to use up my points on fruit and then not have enough for meals. It is much nicer not to have to count points.