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Food Find @ Aldi's

The other day I was in Aldi's and they were selling Fiber One Bars, but I didn't get any.

Went back tonight, and low and behold, Aldi now carries there own version of Fiber One Bars made by Millville and the stats are the same as the Fiber One Bars...price was 1.89. So, I picked up a box and they tasted pretty close. They carried the oats/choc and the oats/pb.

Thought I'd share for those of you that have Aldi's and like those Fiber One Bars.

Re: Food Find @ Aldi's

Thanks for the heads up. I like those bars, but they don't like me... LOL

Re: Food Find @ Aldi's

thanks for the info Carrie. I missed seeing those this week when I was in but managed to find lots of other stuff to buy.


Re: Food Find @ Aldi's

Anyone tried the Fit/Active Turkey Bacon from there? I picked up some, but I haven't fixed it yet. I've been wanting some BLT's...my tomatoes from my garden are finally starting to turn red.

Re: Food Find @ Aldi's

I love Aldi. They have some great prices and the food quality has been good so far. No problems.

Re: Food Find @ Aldi's

I love the carmel Millville Fiber bars but unfortunately so does everyone else evidently in the county because I went to Aldi's and only had 2 boxes left. They have plenty of chocolaate anfd PB.

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