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I am probebly over-posting- sorry, we are having a late dinner of hamburgers from a small town meat locker- it doesn't say the percent of "leaness" on it... how would you all count it and for how many ounces.....

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As i mentioned prior- we are making burgers- anyone have any really good burger recipes?????????????????????????

anyone know point values and quantitys???

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Nobody ever responds anymore i am sad

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go into your week 1 booklet and in the back it gives the foods, portions and point value

a regular size hamburger patty is usually 4 pts

shrimp are very low points,
I use TJ's colossal butterfly shrimp and
7 are just 3 points, which is alot of shrimp.

all your answers on in the book, or else ask your
WW Leader...

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I count for hamburger that I'm not sure of like 2.5 pts. per oz and I try to keep it around 4 oz. That's only if I don't know how lean the meat is.

Shrimp - golly..shrimp is so light. I'm trying to think how I counted it when I cooked it a couple months ago. It's very low, so maybe a point an once if you weigh out how many your eating.

Man, shrimp sounds good right now!

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I do the same thing. An unknown burger gets like 6 points for me. I probably overestimate, but better safe than sorry. Don't you hate it when you don't have the nutritional information!

I love shrimp - it is one of my faves because it is so point friendly (and so tasty too!).