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I have been reading your messages for several weeks, but this is my first post. Hope you don't mind a new WW on your block. It appears to me that everyone has gotten busier the last couple of weeks as there haven't been as many posts as usual. You have been an inspiration to me and I would like to join in. I have been back to WW since mid-January and my weight has been coming off slow, but steady. I weigh-in on Saturday mornings, so I am anxious to see what I have done as it has been hectic at my house for three weeks and not been able to make it to a WW meeting. Hope all of you have had an OP day.

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Welcome, Diane!! we are so happy you decided to join. :) we are glad that the posts have helped you and I am sure your posts will help others. Please feel free to post on the daily threads or to start a thread of your own if you have a question or something you would like to share!


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Hi Diane! Welcome! Post often because it helps us all in our journeys.

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We are always happy to have new members here. Welcome!

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Thanks for the welcome. Just got back fron WW meeting this a.m. and had lost 2 pounds. That makes 39 1/2. It comes off a lot slower as you get older. My goal since I started back in January was to become healthier and try to reach my weight goal by next January. I am a little over half way and still hanging in there!

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Welcome, Diane, and great that you showed a loss at
weighin! This is a lifelong journey we are on, and it
is good to have you join us.



Diane, congratulations on your loss this week. You did great! Welcome to the board and feel free to jump in anytime.