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Daily commitment thread 8-23-08

Good morning! Happy saturday everyone. :)

Yesterday turned out to be crazy busy! LOL I ran errands in the morning - hit Aldi and Wal-Mart. Then got home and was fixing lunch for me and the kids and Scott called! He was off work early and wanted to meet and take the kids to the mall. We ate REALLY fast and headed over there. Had a fun time exploring the mall (we never buy anything) and then stopped by my mom's to get some fresh veggies from her friend's garden. Then over to the grocery store to pick up prescriptions and get some food items with double coupons. Then home. Then I remembered that the class lists for school were posted. Out we go to see who everyone has for teachers! LOL Back home to make dinner. Then showers for everyone and then I finally sat down to relax. Sheesh! It was a busy but WAY fun day.

No plans for today as of yet. I will ride with scott this morning, but that is it so far.

How about you?

Re: Daily commitment thread 8-23-08

So good to come here and check and commit to being OP after such a horrendous series of relapses over the past few months. I've missed a few morning check-ins lately, because I have resumed my workout routine of going to the gym in the early morning on the way to work, so I don't have to worry about it with so many other things going on after work. I haven't done the weekly weigh-in threads for a while, but decided to have a 'reality check' this morning, just to see where I was....173.5, which is about 11 pounds up from a few months ago...so much stress, and trying so hard to learn now that I can't handle the stress in old destructive ways. I've had a good solid month back on track with healthy OP eating and exercise, and I am taking it one day at a time. It really helps to center and focus my efforts when I come here and check in and receive so much inspiration from all of you. I am looking forward to a quiet weekend, step class this am., spin class tomorrow am., and some fresh air outside of the gym too, lol. Hope you all have a great weekend too. Sincerely, maajida

Re: Daily commitment thread 8-23-08

I had a great OP day yesterday and like Uki, ran tons of errands after work. I've been dealing with some killer headaches this week and this morning, my head is thumping yet again. It doesn't help that the boys are down at the other end of the house fighting like a couple of wild beasts either, LOL!! Anyway, getting the house ready for the open house tomorrow. My realator thinks it would be a good idea for me to bake homemade cookies...so I bought some plop n drop kind (who has time to do homemade when they work 2 jobs?) from Aldi's...that will be a challenge for me b/c you all know how I like my cookies/cakes (esp. cake). Hopefully I won't give in to the temptation.

I did stay OP all day yesterday though and I plan to today as well. I started off the morning with a protein bar (from Aldi) - I love those things, pricy, but good.

Have great day everyone. Time to separate those kids before they kill each other.

Re: Daily commitment thread 8-23-08

I wasn't OP at all yesterday, and I feel kind of bad about it but I have to just move forward.

We have a busy weekend this weekend! We're going to a BBQ tonight and tomorrow taking the kids to the beach. We've been going on a pretty regular basis and absolutely love it. I wish this weather could last forever!