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Daily commitment thread 8-25-08

Good morning!! I bet there are a lot of kids going back to school today. Mine go back tomorrow, so this is their last day of freedom. My mom is treating us to a surprise last fling. We are going to meet her and have lunch at Taco Bell (the kids LOVE it there and I can stay OP with the fresco menu) and then we are going to see the new Star Wars movie. They don't know any of this yet. So, I will get an earlier bike ride and then come home and get cleaned up to go do this. I need to pick up a few items from the store too, while we are out. It should be a fun day.

Tonight we head into the school for open house to meet the teachers and find their rooms.

What are your plans today?


Re: Daily commitment thread 8-25-08

Good morning everyone. Got back last evening from 5 days at the bluegrass festival. We had a great time even tho the temps were in the 90's and we were sitting in the sun all the time. The only problem was that Sat. Jim developed a stomach problem and didn't feel like eating. Well I got it yesterday afternoon. Don't know what it was from since we didn't eat the same things. I'm feeling some better this AM but still not 100%. Didn't do great with food while we were gone. Had ice cream every day. Today I'll eat light and try to get some fluids in. I haven't read the back messages, hope everyone is doing well.