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WW meeting topic this week 8/28

Discussion about the Comfort Zone. It's not just for those on Core.
Do you Stop, Rest and Assess your hunger? Some people put down their fork after each bite, others stop 1/4 or 1/2 way through the meal to assess their hunger level. If you do that you won't have that "Why did I eat all that?" after the meal.

Stive for a good Volume/Calorie Ratio. Eat more of the Low Density foods which are full of water, fiber and air (eat grapes instead of rasins. You get much more volume for the same calories of the grapes)

Everybody eats approximately the same weight of food every day. The low density foods give you much more volume for the same weight.

Check your food lists for Core foods. These have the check marks next to them in the books. These are low density foods.

We discussed how we have changed since being in WW
Free For All Zone (eating anytime and any place)
Parking Zone (sedentary lifestyle)
Discomfort Zone (getting too hungry or too full)
Diet Zone (yo-yo dieting)
No eating zone- No TV while eating, no eating in bed, car etc. You pick the places that are your problems
Activity Zone- (getting more exercise. Earn activity points)
Comfort Zone- not feeling too hungry or too full because you pay attention to your feelings
End Zone- This is a lifetime commitment. No more yo-yo.


WW meeting topic this week 8/28

Pat, great topic and certainly food for thought. I hope our meeting this week is that lesson. It would definitely be an interesting one. Thanks for posting it.