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Daily commitment thread 8-29-08

Good morning everyone! I slept in this morning, so I had to wait until I got the first crew out the door.

Happy Friday! I had a nice afternoon with my mom yesterday. We went to Applebee's for lunch and I had the WW tilipia. Yum! The broccoli was a little over seasoned for my taste, but the rice and fish was delicious.

No major plans today. I need to get my bike ride done early because it is supposed to rain this afternoon. The kids have friends coming for a sleepover today and then Wes has a party on Saturday night. I teach my first Jr. High Sunday school class on Sunday and we plan to take the kids to see the new Indiana Jones movie on Monday. How's that for a fun-filled weekend? LOL

What are you up to today? Oh, and OP all the way... :)


Re: Daily commitment thread 8-29-08

Good morning on this rainy, dark morning. Looks like a good day to spend in the sewing room. No special plans for today or the weekend. Jim still wants to see the Batman movie so we may do that sometime. I made it through the day yesterday totally on plan. Had a good breakfast today and will have the leftover soup from Wednesday for supper tonight, so looks like another OP day for me.

Have a good day everyone


Daily commitment thread 8-29-08

Good morning everyone! I will be spending the day with a group of friends shopping and lunch. There are 7 of us and we try to get together every couple of months for a "girls day out". We are going to an authentic Italian restaurant (vs. Olive Garden type Italian), so I am sure I won't eat quite OP. :) I have been saving my WP's this week for this day, so I should be okay. Right? It'll be a salad tonight, though.

No big plans for me this holiday weekend. My boys and Bill are leaving this afternoon for a canoe trip with the Boy Scouts and won't return until around noon on Sunday. I will have the whole house to myself!!

Hope you all have a safe, fun weekend.


Re: Daily commitment thread 8-29-08

Have fun today, Cheryle! I agree that is what those 35 points are for. Use them, enjoy it, and DON'T FEEL GUILTY! You are living life and that's what is is all about.

A weekend alone??? Sounds like heaven to me. LOL I love my family, but I love time to myself. I enjoy my family even more, then, when they come back. Treat yourself to a chick flick and put your feet up. YOu earned a weekend off of mom/wife duty. :)

Re: Daily commitment thread 8-29-08

Good morning, everyone. I've missed a few daily committment check-ins, but I am totally OP...just busy in the am's rushing out the door for work and usually stopping at the gym first. Kinda ticked off this morning re up 1.5 and never even got off program..must be muscle build up or water retention or something, but I hate the way that kind of thing makes me feel...all the old "why bother" mentality comes rushing back, and I just cannot yield to that anymore...so I am determined to remain OP. Lots of challenges, as I am on the way to the airport this morning for a few days in Santa Barbara for a family wedding...dh gone on business trip, so i am going on my own. There's a gym at my hotel and miles of waterfront walking paths, and I want to concentrate on the people I will see and the wonderful occasion instead of worrying the whole time about staying OP. I want to stay OP, but not obsess about it so much. Will be back on Monday. Hope the rest of you have a wonderful holiday weekend. Take care, Maajida

Daily commitment thread 8-29-08

Thanks Uki. That's exactly what I plan on doing. After they leave this evening, I will get my exercise in then either rent a movie or camp out on the couch with the TV on Lifetime movies. I have my WW meeting early tomorrow morning, so will go do that, then probably do some shopping, lunch or something. I REALLY need to clean house, but I may not even do that. I love my "boys", but I also love when they go do Boy Scout stuff and leave me alone for a little while.

Maajida, enjoy your trip to CA. That sounds like alot of fun.