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Daily commitment for 8/31/08

Happy Sunday everyone. Guess Uki is sleeping in this AM (LOL)
I'm off to church in an hour. Today is an outside service for the end of summer. We went to see Batman movie yesterday, it was good. Went to supper after and I had a bowl of Beans and Greens (escarole and white beans cooked together) and then used my bonus points for a chocolate ice cream sundae. Today will be a low key day for us and I will be OP.

Happy Labor Day to all of you


Daily commitment for 8/31/08

Mmm. Ice cream sundae. That sounds good. I don't have any big plans today. Once the guys return from their canoe trip here in a little while, I'm sure there will be a pile of laundry and other mess.
We don't have any plans for tomorrow. I will do my best to stay OP.


Re: Daily commitment for 8/31/08

Thanks for getting this started! Things were busy and I did sleep longer than I expected. LOL

Op all the way today!