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Daily commitment thread 9-1-08

Happy September everyone! I hope you all have a wonderful and relaxing Labor Day with family and friends.

We are taking the kids to see the newest Indiana Jones movie today. Wes is bringing a friend.

Off to take a bike ride with Scott...

OP all the way!

Re: Daily commitment thread 9-1-08

Looks like great minds think alike. We both posted at exacctly the same time. Just got back from a 5 mile bike ride. Not bad for the first time out in about 3 months. The hills almost got me though. When my heartrate got up to over 160 I decided to walk for awhile. Burned 340 calories. Guess I can have dessert tonight.


Re: Daily commitment thread 9-1-08

Good going, Pat!!! You are right to go slowly at first. You know your body best - trust it and enjoy that dessert tonight!! LOL Why do you think I ride most days??? :) Gotta have my WW sundae at night...