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Daily Menu thread in honor of Angela

I am starting this one in honor of Angela. She had mentioned having some trouble journaling and wanted to know if she could post her menus here, so... here you go!

If anyone else would like to post their daily menu, that would be great. We can all share ideas that way too.

B: waffles and PB2

L: Squash sandwich, FF cheese, applesauce

D: Filet of beef, rice, green beans, applesauce

Treat: WW ice cream cup with SF chocolate syrup and FF reddi whip


Re: Daily Menu thread in honor of Angela

B- Cereal and banana, coffee

L-Fatfree plain yogurt mixed with SF pistashio pudding mix and pineapple

D- Have Tilipia defrosting, some kind of veggie

Daily Menu thread in honor of Angela

breakfast: 3/4 cup Kashi cereal mixed with 1/2 cup Fiber One cereal, 1 cup milk, 1 banana

lunch: Subway turkey and ham sandwich

dinner: 3 oz. chicken breast with olive oil brushed on it. some kind of vegetable

snacks: grapes, apple, popcorn spread throughout the day.


Re: Daily Menu thread in honor of Angela

Well, for breakfast I had a protein bar and a bite of my son's banana.

Lunch - some turkey lunch meat on a wrap with a laughing cow cheese wedge, some cucumbers, and grapes.

Snack - granola bar or a 100 cal. choc. cake (gotta satisfy this sweet tooth at some point today.

Dinner - I have nothing thawed out, so probably some chicken helper of some kind and possibly green beans and some tomato slices...need something quick though, we have church tonight.

Re: Daily Menu thread in honor of Angela

OH MY GOSH THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!! That was so nice uki it almost made me cry,,,,,
OKAY, heres mine so far...
Breakfast: Coffee
Lunch: 2 tacos de carne asada- (Small steak tacos with soft corn shells, with onions and some green hot sauce on them ( i counted them as 7 do you think thats ok?)
Haven't had dinner yet, had 1 cup of shrmp cocktail, with some cocktail sauce we are having burgers for dinner and i will record what i ate here after!!! THANKS SO MUCH YOU GUYS!!!!

Re: Daily Menu thread in honor of Angela

Ok, So for dinner we make burgers, they were fairly big so i counted mine as 8 points, i didn't eat a bun because i wanted dessert, i also had potatos, with olive oil, and onion and serrano pepper counted that as 5 bought some oreo 100 cal dessert packs, (not real good) anyway ate those and with one point left gonna have a dark choc pudding ff sf. So i ate all my 27 points, does my menu sound ok

Re: Daily Menu thread in honor of Angela

Angela, you are doing fine! Just follow the 8 HG's and count your points and if you have points left, eat those treats! LOL Seriously, if that helps you stay OP - do it! I HAVE to have a treat each day of I feel deprived and go beserk on sweets. That is way worse than spending 2 points each day on a WW ice cream...