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Oatmeal questions/ideas

I really have a problem with breakfast, i really want to get into oatmeal more, but i hate the pre= flavored ones and have heard of people adding things to it, anyone have any good ideas for me... might try it for breakfast tommorrow

Re: Oatmeal questions/ideas

I never liked oatmeal
instead I try to go for a protein/fiber
breakfast to kick off my metabolism..

one morning I might have a
1/2 cup eggbeater,
1/2 cup peppers/onion
1 slice 2% cheese
a dab of bacon bits.

make into an omlette and put it on either
ww Whole WHeat Bread
or a lite flat out wrap..

Thats a 3 point meal.

or I might have

container of WW yogart freeze it for 45 min. (it becomes like a custard)
1/2 cup total, banana, strawberries/blueberries
1 cup fiber one cereal....

thats also 3 points

Foods such as these usually hold me to lunch time

if I have breakfast at 7 or 8am lunch is about 2pm

Re: Oatmeal questions/ideas

I did oatmeal for quite a while, and switched to cream of wheat and grits. Anyway, I made mine a couple ways...

Mixed in SF maple syrup
Mixed in splenda, pumpkin, and pumpkin pie spices
Mixed in splenda and sprayed with ICBINB spray
Mixed in PB2
Mixed in SF hot chocolate mix
Mixed in SF stawberry jam.

These mix ins all worked for the cream of wheat and grits too.

Hope that helps! :)


Re: Oatmeal questions/ideas

I like oatmeal in the cooler months. My favorite way to eat is with apple. I microwabe apple slices and add to my cooked oatmeal along with sweetner, cinnamon, etc depending on my mood. A suggestion given in a WW meeting was adding a pack of sugar free apple cider mix. I tried it and it was very good. Maybe I'm just weird, though.

Diane S

Re: Oatmeal questions/ideas

Don't like the packaged instant oatmeals. I LOVE Steel Cut Oats. They are small pieces that haven't been flattened as rolled oats. If you just cook them on the stove they take 45 minutes (I think) but someone suggested an easy way to cook them. Before bed boil the water then add the oats. Cover and turn off the heat. Let set overnight. In the morning take out a serving and heat in micro. They have a chewy texture and it really stays with you. Usually you have to get the Steel Cut Oats in the natural food section of the store.


Re: Oatmeal questions/ideas

I have heard that plain quaker oats with a little canned pumpkin mixed in is really good - actually just bought the can of pumpkin to give it a try. Would probably be good with a little cinnamon sprinkled on it too.

Re: Oatmeal questions/ideas

Thanks guys