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Daily commitment thread 9-3-08

Sorry this is late, ladies. I sleptin until 5:50a and had to get the "Big Guys" off to work and school.

Anyway, yesterday was a nice day. I got all caught up on chores and took a 16.5 mile bike ride. The weather was gorgeous.

The kids had quite a bit of homework, so that took longer than expected, but we got it done.

Today I will take a long ride too, and I am trying to decide about going to the store today or tomorrow. I would like to get it out of the way... I don't need a lot, but want to go to Aldi and Wal-Mart, so I need a chunk of time to do it.

OP all the way, how about you?


Re: Daily commitment thread 9-3-08

Good morning, everyone. It's good to be here to post of being OP today. Am restarting my efforts with renewed hope and perseverance....my starting weight last week was 181.5 and I am 177.5 this morning. I seem to be ready to weigh in more regularly, though I want my main focus after times of struggle to be how much better I feel mentally, emotionally, and physically when I am OP. Take care, hope it's a great happy and healthy day for us all. Maajida

Re: Daily commitment thread 9-3-08

I'm up and at it and already at work. I'm happy to report that I stayed OP all day yesterday. It helped being busy. Today, work is slow, so I'm sure I'll be obsessing over food at some point this morning.

On a different subject, I'm getting excited...all my shows are starting in a couple weeks....Biggest Loser, ER (final season, boohoo), and Survivor.

Hey, I thought of a thread idea...I actually saw it on another board....not sure what we can call it, but we all post 5 things that are on our weekly grocery list and it might inspire some of us to get in the stores and try out some new things. Anyone interested?

Re: Daily commitment thread 9-3-08

Good morning. Good to see so many have posted already. Another OP day for me. Going to WW a day early since I have to work tomorrow. If my scales are right I should hit a loss of 70 today.
Carrie I love the idea of What's on Your Shopping List.
Didn't get out on the bike yesterday. It was too hot and we were gone in the evening. Maybe today.
Have to go. The person from the flooring store is coming to measure for our new vinyl flooring. Have to pick up a little so she can find the floor to measure

Have a good day everyone


Re: Daily commitment thread 9-3-08

Hope to do better today than yesterday. I love watermelon and cut one yesterday! It was just too good. I counted points, but that has a lot of sugar content. I could tell this a.m. when I had a groggy feeling! Also tried a new style of ribs and they were a bit on the greasy side...too many points!

Today is better! I love the idea of the shopping list. I am currently working on several weeks worth of menus, so I can plan ahead and also use what is in my freezer and pantry that have been there for a while! I tend to buy what is on sale and stock up, then forget what all I have! Organization is not always my strong point! LOL

OP all the way today. Hope your day is wonderful!