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UKI please read

HI!! Guilty as you said-= i have gotten into the habit lately of skipping breakfast just coffee- as i lost weight and my points went down i started doing this- YIKES i know.
Also your PB should go out tom. i left the house too ealry this A.m. THNKS!! You are such an inspiration to me!!!

Re: UKI please read

Hi Angie!

I am putting on my mommy hat now... LOL

I know what you mean about sometimes getting into a habit that is not the best - like you scooting out the door without eating breakfast. We have all done it and I also TOTALLY understand that feeling of panic when your points go down. You feel like since you lost points, you need to try to save as many as possible for lunch and dinner and breakfast just seems to be the easiest meal to skip over. Does that sound accurate to you?

If time is a problem, you could try something portable like a protein bar/breakfast cookie kind of thing. Everyone knows of my love for Nutrigrain waffles and PB2. I don't know if that appeals to you, but that is very portable too. On days that I am heading out early, I pop them in the toaster, add the PB2 and stick them in a tupperware and eat them in the car. Breakfast wraps are nice and portable (eggbeaters, veggies, FF or lite cheese and wrap in a flatout or LF tortilla). When thing were really crazy for me in the morning, I liked the South Beach cereal bars (3 points). I have heard folks say that Slim Fast bars are pretty good too.

I will be on the lookout for the PB2!! You are so sweet to mail it out and I am sooooooo grateful. I had regular PB this morning, and although it was tasty, I HATED counting all those extra points. Blech! LOL