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Daily commitment thread 9-4-08

Good morning!

I am up on time today to get the men off to work and school.

I totally forgot yesterday was Wednesday - that Monday holiday put me behind a day. LOL So, No bike ride, but I did get to Aldi and Wal-Mart for a few groceries.

Mitch came home last week with a cold - they always get sick that first week of school!! Well, he thoughtfully shared it with me. I tried to lay down to take a nap yesterday afternoon, but the sore throat and stuffy nose wouldn't let me rest. I gave up and got up. I was hungry for the weirdest lunch. I made some pancakes (3 points) and put Greek yogurt (2 points) over top. It was good.

Scott and I had date night last night. We went to this amazing place near by us and I had a grilled veggie pita sandwich. I did have them add swiss cheese to it and I had a few of Scott's tater tots, but overall I did fine. It was delicious. Scott, on the other hand, had 2 HUGE pieces of beer battered fish, the basket of tater tots, and coleslaw. Oh can you even imagine the points??????? Not for me anymore...

So, I am feeling better today. A lond bike ride is in my future to work off those tater tots. And I am OP for the day.

Are you in?


Re: Daily commitment thread 9-4-08

I'm in for another 24. The weather here is not cooperating to do any exercise outside - rain, rain and more rain. UCK!

I didn't get any exercise in yesterday - which is not like me - and I felt kinda crummy all day. I think I will head over to the Church and use the track or maybe strength train or better yet both.

Have a happy OP day everyone.


Re: Daily commitment thread 9-4-08

OP and off to the gym before work...have a good day, everyone. Maajida

Re: Daily commitment thread 9-4-08

Just a quick note. I have to leave in a couple minutes. Today is orientation for those of us who work flu shot clinics. Can't believe we will be starting giving shots on the 15th.
I'm taking my own lunch since they usually have pizza or cold cuts.
I'm OP for today and tomorrow and tomorrow.


Uki, hope you feel better

Re: Daily commitment thread 9-4-08

I had a great OP day yesterday. Stayed up to hear Sarah Palin's speech and did laundry. I'm kind of groggy this morning, but overall doing just fine.

Looking forward to a productive OP day.

Have a good one!

Re: Daily commitment thread 9-4-08

Rain again for the third day from Gustav. Glad I have my walking DVD. I am actually getting to where I enjoy it! Need to do more that 2 miles, but that's better than none!

I am still working on my menu plans and have found some really good recipes to try. I will pass along some as I try them.

Sqaush sandwich really sounds different! Being a southerner, though, squash is a favorite. I must try that! Have you tried tomato sandwiches? Bread, mayo, and sliced tomato. Yummy with homegrown tomatoes

OP all the way today. Hope your day is the same!

Diane S.

Re: Daily commitment thread 9-4-08

I LOVE tomato sandwiches!

Re: Daily commitment thread 9-4-08

There is nothing you could do to a tomato that I wouldn't eat. Well, maybe if you deep fried it...

Re: Daily commitment thread 9-4-08

My DH LOVES fried green tomatoes! I'll take a ripe
tomato sandwich anyday. These days I will drizzle a
little evoo on the bread (rather than mayo) as one
way to work in my healthy oil.

We are still busy here trying to keep up with the gar-
den. If anyone is into reading, Barbara Kingsolver's
book ANIMAL, VEGETABLE, MIRACLE is good to help us see
the importance of making food choices as locally as
possible. I guess that has been part of our motivation
to grow and preserve many of the foods we eat.

Sounds like everyone else is pretty busy.