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Angela's Menu thread for 9-4-08

Waving at Angela!!! :)

What's in on the menu today and who is joining me at Pat's house to see what she has cooking today?

I am kind of boring, but here goes...

B: LF Nutrigrain waffles and real PB (not for long, my WW points fairy says there is PB2 headed in my direction and I am a happy camper...)

L: Squash sandwich, lite wheat bread, fruit

D: Crockpot rotisserie chicken, mashed taters, carrots

Treat: WW ice cream cup, toppings


Re: Angela's Menu thread for 9-4-08

Gosh- I am just having coffee - can't even think about what to make for dinner. Hubby is out of town until tomorrow so I need to make something kid/WW friendly. I am actually thinking of Subway LOL. I'll get back to you.

Uki- how do you make squash sammy? Sounds good.


BTW my mexican chicken in the crock pot last night was really good and really easy. I will post the recipe if anyone is interested.

Re: Angela's Menu thread for 9-4-08

The squash sammy recipe is courtesy of my mom. Now hers was NOT WW friendly, so I modified it.

Old recipe:

Pan grill slices of yellow squash or zucchini thinly sliced in large amounts of real butter. Generously season with salt and pepper and layer on Italian bread spread with more butter. Now these were delicious, but... WAY too many points.

Uki's modified recipe:

Slice squash thinly and pan-grill in a pan either spayed with pam or sauteed in a little water. If you use water, use only enough so the squash doesn't stick or it gets too water-logged. Cook until soft but still retains its' shape and water is boiled away. Season with salt and pepper and any other seasonings you like. Layer squash on lite bread. I do spread the bread with FF promise or spray with ICBINB. I love these sandwiches and all you have to count for points is the bread!

Let me know if you try it and what you think.


Re: Angela's Menu thread for 9-4-08

Oh this really sounds good - I will have to buy some squash - it is local now and very good.

I'll let you know how mine turned out.


Re: Angela's Menu thread for 9-4-08

Breakfast - protein bar (4pts.)

Lunch: Turkey Wrap with spinach,cucumber slices, splash of Southwest Newman's dressing and some sweet banana peppers. Salad and grapes

Snack: Turtle chex bar

Dinner: Ugh...forgot to set out something. I think I have a box of chicken patties...if not....taco bell is just down the road, LOL! (fresco tacos!)

Snack: Fit/Active Ice Cream Sandwich (2pts.)

Re: Angela's Menu thread for 9-4-08

Menu for today:

B'fast - Oatmeal with cooked apple added
Lunch - Roast beef fajita
Dinner - Steak (that was for last night - made soup,
instead), baked sweet potato, salad

Snack - Watermelon

Diane S

Re: Angela's Menu thread for 9-4-08

B: Fage 0% yogurt with cup of thawed blueberries
coffee again - I am tired from waking up at 5:15 to get my son up for school

L: Big salad with Smart Ones Sante Fe Chicken (only 2 pts!) on top and some more salsa and a dollop of FF sour cream
Watermelon - again - I bought the whole watermelon cause it was cheaper than buying just a quarter of one - silly!

D: Homemade pizza with ff mozzarella cheese and probably another salad on the side or some kind of green veggie like brocolli.

Snack - sf/ff chocolate pudding with a dollop of ff cool whip and maybe some air popped popcorn.

BTW I bought the chex mix trail bars (turtle flavor) - 2 pts and barely was able to get one - had to hide it - my boys ate the whole box! Went to the store to buy more and they were out. Needless to say they are really good if you have a sweet craving.

Re: Angela's Menu thread for 9-4-08

Menu from here for today.

B - Fage greek yogurt (1 cup) with banana and 1/2 cup
Fiber One cereal

L - Italian meat loaf, mashed potatoes, fried okra
(count one healthy fat in okra)
Skim milk (1 cup), WW choc.chip cookie (addictive)

S - Spaghetti squash with homemade tomato topping
and WW shredded mozarella cheese
Spinach salad (evoo in dressing)
Skim milk (1 cup)
WW fudge ice cream bar

I am supposed to have three dairy selections a day due
to my age.:) I have been working hard to get those in.
Also, I have been working hard to be sure I get in the
two servings of healthy oil. I also have to have a ba-
nana every day. That, or a glass of orange juice, and I prefer the banana.:) Eating is always preferred to

Our leader stresses that we be sure we eat enough. It
is also not suggested that you fall below 18 points a
day in your total count. I usually use a few WPA in
my day because 19 points just don't satisfy me some

Re: Angela's Menu thread for 9-4-08

This is what was for today.
B- Shredded wheat & Fiber 1 with banana and milk
L-Brocolli quiche, carrots, plain FF yogurt with pistashio pudding mix and pineapple, apple
Snack- Bag of popcorn and iced coffee with 8 oz milk
D- Ham, green beans and potatoes, watermelon


Re: Angela's Menu thread for 9-4-08

Marilyn - I'd love your Mexican chicken recipe.


Re: Angela's Menu thread for 9-4-08

Ok- I am going to get better on breakfast tommorrow- i got some waffles and oatmeal- but today again
COFFEE- with creamer
Lunch-Veggies- with T margs FF SW dip
A turtle chex bar
8 pickled beets

Boy- i am really screwing up- i am not eating much at all- i am not doing that great at losing weight- and i am skipping meals- YIKES

I am having Iowa chops for dinner, maybe i eat too late at night- does this make a huge difference?

Re: Angela's Menu thread for 9-4-08

Are you truly not hungry to eat more? If it were me, I would be ravenous and probably eating my own arm or the arm of the person next to me. LOL

It isn't the best idea to eat late, but I think it is important to eat enough to fuel your body. Remember that part of keeping your metabolism up is eating regular meals. Skipping meals and/or not eating enough causes the body to go into starvation mode and makes your metabolism slow down.

Do you plan your meals the same day or the day before? It helps me to plan one day ahead, that way I know exactly what I am eating, I am sure I have the ingerdients I need, I remember to thaw meat if need be, etc.

Maybe if you share a little of what the barriers are for you in terms of why you are skipping meals and not eating enough, we can all brainstorm ideas to help out.

Hugs to you!

Re: Angela's Menu thread for 9-4-08

ok- so my late meal consisted of-
Iowa pork chop marinated in vidallia onion dressing-
Baked potato- spray butter and ff cheese slice.

BAD huh

Re: Angela's Menu thread for 9-4-08

Goodnite- i just ate a jello dark chocolate SF pudding
Night everyone

Re: Angela's Menu thread for 9-4-08

Angie - it is okay. You still have to eat and you are making good choices. It sounds like maybe your schedule is just really crazy now??? Let us know.