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Pattypurple please read

Hey, Patty- I was just getting my weekly fix of catching up with the girls on this site, and I came across your recipe for soup. It sounds wonderful, but I have a question. What kind of beans are Great Northern brand? We don't have them in Canada. Are they what our grandmas would have called navy beans?
Like pork and beans in tomato sauce? or green beans,or chick peas? or kidney beans? I want to get the right kind.
If anyone else reads this and can answer, I would appreciate it.
Thanks a bunch.

Re: Pattypurple please read

Lou Anne,

I hope this helps - great northern beans are a type of bean - they are not a brand. Kind of like you can buy kidney beans or pinto beans, you can buy great northern beans as well.

Hope that helps,

Re: Pattypurple please read

LouAnne, I would say they are similar to navy beans.

Re: Pattypurple please read

LouAnne, any white bean will work in the soup. I used canned beans but if you're up for it you could cook the dried ones. I keep thinking about doing that and freezing but so far haven't done it. Hope you like the soup.


Re: Pattypurple please read

Thanks, girls. I'm off to buy beans.