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Daily commitment thread 9-5-08

Good morning! Busy day for me today. I will get scott and the kids off to school, then off to the GYN for my annual exam, then over to my mom's to help her with chores, then off to help her take care of a court matter pertaining to her late husband, then off to help her with shopping, then out to lunch, then back home for the kids and homework! Ahhhhhh! LOL Hope I have minute to sit down too... :)

OP no matter what, though. How about you?

Re: Daily commitment thread 9-5-08

Wow Uki I am exhausted just reading your schedule for today LOL. You will be earning lots of Activity Points with all that running around!

I am with you for another 24. Got one off to school, one to go. Husband is coming home early from business trip. Planning on lunch with a friend and a long bike ride this morning (doesn't look like rain - still kinda dark out yet). Dinner is already made and in the fridge to be reheated - husband really likes this recipe although he has no clue it is out of a WW cookbook

Enjoy your day ladies!

Re: Daily commitment thread 9-5-08

Good morning. No big plans here today. Hope to get in a bike ride. Have laundry going already. Trying to get some of my quilting stuff ready for a garage sale so guess I'll be playing with fabric today. I'm committed to be 100% on plan today.


Re: Daily commitment thread 9-5-08

Well, my plans are to get in my 8 hrs. here at work, go to grocery store and then collapse, LOL!

That's really about it.

Have a great day. I haven't ate out all week and I'm thinking Wendy's for lunch...

Have a good one everyone!