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Angela's Menu thread for 9-5-08

Okay, let's see what everyone has planned for the day. Angela, how is your plan for today working out and how can we help you?

B: LF Nutrigrain waffles and PB

L: Something out with my mom - grilled of course and a diet coke to drink

D: chicken breast topped with onions and tomatoes over pasta, side veggie of some kind

Treat: WW ice cream cup with yummy toppings


Re: Angela's Menu thread for 9-5-08

Angela, I find it easiest to write down what I am going to eat either in the morning or the night before. I usually start with dinner (since I need to cook for my family) and work backwards to fill in the rest of the day. My breakfast usually doesn't vary that much - have a few low point meals that work good for me. Maybe this will help. Also, if you don't want to eat 3 big meals, you could try and split them into smaller ones (5-6 a day) to get in all your healthy guidelines, ie: save a fruit and a piece of cheese for mid-morning. When you have extra points leftover, use them on snacks that don't meet the HG like 100 calorie packs or granola bars, etc. Hope this helps.

B: Coffee - now
Either my usual fage 0% yogurt with fruit of I bought Kashi Honey Sunshine (1 pt per serving) cereal which I might try

L: Meeting a friend for lunch - planning on a salad with grilled shrimp and strawberries, dressing on the side

D: Salisbury steak with mushrooms (old WW recipe) that is really yummy
roasted potatoes with EVOO

Dessert: Making a variation of the sf/ff yogurt coolwhip pie. Usually make it as a "key lime" pie - this time I am doing strawberry. 3 pts per serving and very yummy.

Whats on your menu?


Re: Angela's Menu thread for 9-5-08

B- Shredded wheat & Fiber 1 with banana and milk
L- leftover 95% hamburger pattie on Arnold Sandwich Thin, apple
Snack- probably popcorn
D- Whole Wheat pasta, fresh sauce from local tomatoes, salad, ice cream

Re: Angela's Menu thread for 9-5-08

Breakfast- Quaker Oat Oatmeal Raisin Breakfast Cookie

Snack - 1 c. grapes

Lunch - no time to pack, so I'm heading to Wendy's for a Chili/crackers.

Snack - Turtle Chex Bar

Dinner - we'll probably eat out..it's Friday and we usually do, they'll have to swing me by a Subway or somewhere.

Snack - Laughing Cow Wedge with some crackers.

Re: Angela's Menu thread for 9-5-08

Breakfast - Veggie Omelet with Salsa

Lunch - Tried the squash sandwich / Veggie Soup

Dinner - Stroganoff / Rice / Vegetables

Snacks - Yogurt, watermelon, hot cocoa

Re: Angela's Menu thread for 9-5-08

Plans changed for supper. Had to go to calling hours for a friend who died. On the way home stopped for supper at a local fast food place (not a chain). Had grilled chicken on lettuce salad with FF dressing. It did have croutons and cheese on it but took some off. Had a few of Jim's fries and then a baby dish of soft ice cream. The only problem is that their sizes are so big. The baby size is probably at least 12 oz. I ate it all. Used lots of points but it was good.


Re: Angela's Menu thread for 9-5-08

I am sorry to report that i really screwed up today- and have been- had to go out of town today- just got back and all i had was coffee with cream- I am making a seafood pizza right now with flat out- but its also 1:30 in the morning. I really need to get back on track....