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weigh in friday

I lost 1.2 Finally I'm making a comeback! I do have to say that making the small changes this week to loose was really small and easy. I feel like the other weeks when I wouldn't make those changes I was just wasting my time.

I'm babbling. Onward and Downward!

Re: weigh in friday

Way to go, Lisa! Making small changes and adjustments always seem to help. I hate those weeks when it feels like you're only spinning wheels. Been there, done that!

I weigh in the a.m. I've increased my exercise, so I'll see what that has done, if anything, yet!

I like the Onward and Downward......

Diane S.

Re: weigh in friday

Congrats Lisa. Any loss is a good one but over 1 is great. Small changes are easier to keep up on.


Re: weigh in friday

Great job on your loss this week!!!

Re: weigh in friday

Good for you, Lisa! Any loss is a good one!