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Daily commitment thread 9-7-08

Happy Sunday!

We had a nice day yesterday. We went to 2 free events. The first one was an RV expo and the second was a free air show. Only Mitch was with us, but it was nice to have some undivided time with him. He loved the air show!!

We did wind up having lunch out at Burger King. I stuck with the Whopper Junior with no mayo or cheese and a small onion rings.

I didn't get a bike ride yesterday because it rained, so I did the treadmill for 50 minutes instead.

We are off to church this morning and then off to our Pastor's house tonight for pizza and a bonfire. Pizza.... Ahhhhhhhhh!!!

What are you up to today?


Re: Daily commitment thread 9-7-08

Just checking in and glad to be OP today. Had fun last night going to one of those new style restaurants that serve multiple small plates of many different entrees....my daughter and I shared about 4 different dishes and I managed to do well staying OP...they had lots of healthy choices. My dh stayed home and babysat our grandson while my daughter and I had a fun girly evening. She used to be a sychronized swimmer from age 9 to 15 and is 30 now.....they had an alumni reunion and swim show last night that we went to after dinner. I am looking forward to a nice calm quiet Sunday before the start of my usual crazy hectic week. Take care everyone...enjoy the day! Maajida

Re: Daily commitment thread 9-7-08

Today is hectic here as well. We rushed off to church this morning and home to eat lunch. Heading back for an afternoon service, then following is a teacher's meeting, and then I have to work tonight. My second job is working for my church...I don't know if I ever mentioned it. I work there 2 days per week and work it into my schedule and I get paid really well. Anyhow, I'm looking forward to seeing the Colts play tonight so I'm going to try to save a few points for tonight so I can munch during the game. If that isn't possible, I can still munch carrots/cucs/peppers because I have all that still coming out my ears!

Have a good day everyone!

Re: Daily commitment thread 9-7-08

Today was a different day for us. We skipped church which is unusual. Our antique car club had an outing planned that Jim wanted to go to. We decided to go to a big flea market before the outing. What a bunch of junk. I can't believe that the vendors haul all that stuff out every week, or that they make enough money to pay them to sit there all day. I did buy a rice cooker for $3. Don't know how it will work. I hope to cook brown rice and grains in it. The instruction book only talks about making white rice. Oh well, not much spent if it doesn't work.
The outing was to a transportation museum which is mostly about trains and trollys. We rode on a rumbly track car on the rails for a couple miles then spent some time at an old depot being told about the trains. After we rode back we were then on a trolly down the same tracks. Think I've had enough of trains for another couple decades. It turned cool and rained a little and I didn't have a jacket so I wasn't real comfortable.
Tomorrow it's out of the house early as the new Hobby Lobby opens in the next town. It is the first one in NY. I'll stop there on my way to the gym.