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Angela's Menu thread for 9-7-08

Lets see:

B: french toast made with egg beaters and skim milk and lite wheat bread, SF syrup, canadian bacon

L: Turkey sammie with tomato and FF cheese, fruit

D: Pizza at the Pastor's house. This will be bad points wise I know because there will only be pizza, chips, and s'mores.


Re: Angela's Menu thread for 9-7-08

Uki - have them order you a veggie pizza!!

Here's my menu for today.

Breakfast - protein bar and 2 bites of a donut.

Lunch - I took a flatout and on half of it I put 1 oz of quesidilla cheese, some southwest chicken strips, and spinach leaves and 2 big pieces of fire roasted red peppers, folded the other half over and toasted in skillet and make this quesidilla - on man it was super filling and super good. Side of small onion rings from burger king and 1 c. grapes. We went to Burker King and they screwed up and gave my husband the wrong free sandwich (I wanted the grilled one), so I ended up just making my own sandwich.

Dinner - Since I have to work, it will probably be a Wendy's chili

Snack - Colts play tonight, so I'm having something munchie later--possibly some chips with some pico de gallo that I made yesterday.

Re: Angela's Menu thread for 9-7-08

End of the day report.
B- ham omlett with side of grits
Lunch/Supper- Ate about 4.- Bowl of chilli and a side salad at local diner
ice cream (Bryer's Free) when we got home.
snack- probably popcorn tonight

This was an unusual day.


Re: Angela's Menu thread for 9-7-08

Update and changes for me as well..

Breakfast - as I said before

Lunch: Kraft mac and cheese made with only skim milk

Dinner: We cancelled on the get together at the Pastor's house and I am making my own homemeade pizza with points friendly crust, turkey pepperoni and mushrooms. I feel so much better about that!

Treat: Still a WW ice cream cup with toppings


Re: Angela's Menu thread for 9-7-08

Sorry i was out of town yesterday went to a waterpark and stayed in a hotel.

Today- (WE traveled so kinda bad)
Breakfast- coffee with cream 1pt ( i am going to start writing my points as well it helps me)

Lunch- 3 bites of leftover pizza /and half my sons Mcdonalds hamburger (7 points)

Snack-- Beef stick (2)
carmel chocolate chex snack mix- (2)

Not sure on dinner yet. Will let you know- i am starving!!!