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Daily commitment thread 9-9-08

Happy Tuesday! I am pleased to report that I was OP for the day with no problems. I think my Sunday evening munchies were just one of those weird things. I well, over and done with and I have moved on. 2 pieces of PB bread will not derail me! LOL

It is raining here, which we expected. Scott brought the treadmill in from the garage, so I will do that this morning instead of a bike ride. I will miss the bike, but this changes things up a little.

I got LOTS of chores done yesterday and that felt good. No plans to go anywhere today either.

OP 100% today for sure. How about you?

Re: Daily commitment thread 9-9-08

OP for me today. I'm off to a new water class in a few minutes. Have heard that the class at another Y is really great so I'm off to try it. We have a problem at the Y I usually go to of women being too busy talking to participate in the class. They just block the way for those of us who want to exercise. Other than that I guess I'll start packing up stuff. We are having new flooring put down and have to move a china cabinet (full of angels) and another big cabinet and an island full of cooking pans.
Have a good day


Re: Daily commitment thread 9-9-08

Good morning everyone. I'm happy to report that although I was out of points by 6:30 last night, I still managed to not cave in and eat right before bed. So, stayed OP and I'm happy about that.

Yesterday I had to get my thyroid scanned again. I don't see my doctor until November 10 and this is going to drive me crazy. She's supposed to make a decision after seeing this scan and determine if the thyroid still has to come out. There's no way I can wait until November to hear her decision...I'll be calling her before the weeks out, LOL. Seriously though, the mass over my thyroid was pretty large in January and although it was benign, if it has gotten bigger, it still might have to be removed bc it "presses down" too much on the thyroid and I guess that causes problems. Ugh, waiting is hell!

So, yesterday I went shopping at a kids resale store and bought the boys some pants/warmer clothing. Got some pretty good deals and some stuff still had the brand new tags still on them. :)

Thursday night, I have an interview! There's a bakery here in my town (it's a 300,000 sq.ft factory that ships bagels/pies/bread/cookies nationwide) and they were hiring for an office worker. I applied and got a call week before last for a "telephone screening." During the conversation, the lady said they got over 300 resumes for that one position. She was screening applicants for 2 weeks and then she was choosing 10 people to interview. Well, I'm one of the 10 chosen to interview...so I'm pretty proud of my resume! I currently work 4 days week at my office and was told last year when I took this job that it would be full time w/in 6 months and it's not happened and it's not gonna happen from what I was told last month. So, I have to do something b/c my second job is helping me meet my bills and not my debt which that was the original plan when I started that job...put the second jobs $$ on our debt. Anyway, hopefully it will go well.

Have a great OP day everyone. I know I will!