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Angela's Menu thread for 9-10-08

Kudos to Angie, for doing well yesterday. For those of you who don't know, she was a breakfast skipper and was working to try to change that. She did eat a balanced breakfast yesterday and we are so proud of her, because this kind of went against her nature. Way to go Angela!!! Here's hoping you can do it again today!!

B: Nutrigrain waffles and PB2

L: Pumpkin pancakes and fruit

D: Dinner out - grilled veggie sandwich kind of thing with swiss cheese

treat: WW ice cream cup and toppings

Re: Angela's Menu thread for 9-10-08

B- Shredded wheat and Fiber 1 with banana and milk
Snack after gym- apple
L- ?
Snack- probably popcorn
D- Crab, corn chowder (made with imitation crab).homemade bread

Angie, your menu yesterday sounded better. Don't forget dairy servings

Re: Angela's Menu thread for 9-10-08

Breakfast - 3 slices of turkey bacon on toast with tomato.

Lunch - Huge salad with some slices of turkey pepperoni in it, breadstick, grapes.

Snack - Fiber One Bar

Dinner - We're grillin out this eve...chicken, summer squash, and roasted green peppers/onions.

Snack - Some of my orange dessert salad ( I posted the recipe awhile back).

Re: Angela's Menu thread for 9-10-08

B'fast - Coffee with creamer
Sugar-free Instant B'fast (busy, busy)

Lunch - Roast beef sandwich
Dill Pickles

Dinner - Grilled chicken

Snacks - Watermelon, Yogurt (but not together! YUK!)

Re: Angela's Menu thread for 9-10-08

Here is honesty time..... i haven't eaten anything today yet, i just got home- YIKES-- I had a great weigh in today and i am getting back on track..... I PROMISE!!!!