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Angela's Menu thread for 9-11-08

Angela had a good weigh-in, so we are al rooting for her that she will get back to a regular schedule of eating healthy meals! We are pulling for you, Angie! :)

B: Nutrigrain waffles and PB2

L: Something with FF cottage cheese, but I don't know what. Anyone have an idea they could share?

D: Crockpot BBQ pork, veggie, and some kind of noodle thing for the kids

Treat: WW ice cream and yummy toppings

Re: Angela's Menu thread for 9-11-08

BREAKFAST- really:)
Nutrigrain waffles and PB2 and some blackberry jelly
I am counting this as 4 does that sound right???

Re: Angela's Menu thread for 9-11-08

If the jelly is not SF, yes, that should be right. The waffles are 1 point each, the PB2 is 1 point and the jelly would be 1 point. If you use SF jelly, that would be 0 points. Let me know if you like the waffle/PB2 combo. I am so happy you are eating breakfast!! You go girl!

Re: Angela's Menu thread for 9-11-08

Uki - how about tomatoes with that cottege cheese on some light bread?

Angela - 4 pts. sounds reasonable for your breakfast.

Today -
Breakfast - Protein Bar and 1/2 of small banana
Lunch - Wendy's 5 piece chicken nugget/side salad/grapes.

Snack - Oreo Snack Cakes for 2 pts.

Dinner - Leftover chicken n stuffing casserole and some sliced tomatoes.

Snack - Smart Ones Cookie Dough Sundae

Re: Angela's Menu thread for 9-11-08

Breakfast- Ezekiel cereal with fresh peaches (like Grapenuts but Core)
Snack before gym- banana
Snack after gym- apple
Lunch- leftover crab corn chowder, frozen mixed berries with plain FF yogurt
Supper- sloppy joes on Sandwich Thins, corn on cob, salad, maybe ice cream
Snack- popcorn if hungry or a Tootsie Roll Pop (1 pt)


PS- Angie, good job eating breakfast.

Re: Angela's Menu thread for 9-11-08

Now that sounds like a good breakfast Angela - did it keep you full till lunch? Good Job!

B: coffee with sf/ff creamer and skim milk before my run
Fage yogurt with blueberries afterwards

2 bottles of water

L: bean enchilada type thing I make from time to time when I am really hungry - use 2 corn tortillas (1 pt) ff refried beans (1 pt) salsa (0 pt) and ff cheddar (1 pt) and bake in oven and add a little more salsa and ff sour cream on top.

salad to go with my enchiladas

D: making a new recipe out of a new WW cookbook I bought at my meeting yesterday for pork chops with apples/sauer*****.
sweet potato

Snacks: bought some coconut/hazelnut flavored coffee - will make a cup around 3 pm to get over that slump, maybe have a fruit or something with it.

Either a skinny cow (if there are any left) or some popcorn tonight.


Re: Angela's Menu thread for 9-11-08

why does it bleep out the remainder of saure*****?

Re: Angela's Menu thread for 9-11-08

B'fast - Coffee with creamer
WW Yogurt and cereal

Lunch - Tilapia, green beans, tomato/onion

Dinner - Chicken salad (leftover from last night)made with grapes, celery, FF mayo, ginger, and lemon juice

Since I had a bigger meal at lunch, I will have the chicken salad on a bed of lettuce leaves.

I got an order in of PB2 this a.m. I may have to have a snack to try that before the day is gone. Ya'll have talked about it so much, I had to order me some. Now you say they're coming out with CHOCOLATE!! I had already thought of adding cocoa powder to it. There will be lots of possibilities!!!

Re: Angela's Menu thread for 9-11-08

The last part of the word sauer***** gets kicked out because "*****" is a nasty term that some people use for Germnans.

Re: Angela's Menu thread for 9-11-08

Sorry, that should read "Germans" as in people from Germany.

Re: Angela's Menu thread for 9-11-08

I ate out last night- i had a grilled tend and a salad with a drop of italian dressing- i only ate half the sandwhich counted it as 10 total
Then i had about 4 bites of macaroni salad, and cucmber salad counted it as 8 points
then i had 2 sugar free lime jellos.