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WW meeting topic this week 9/8

No one has mentioned it but WW has a promotion going on now called "Lose for Good". It runs from 9/7 to 10/18. For every pound that WW members lose in that time WW will donate the equivilant cost of a pound of food up to $1 million. Besides the national campaign our local meeting is asking us to donate food equal in weight to what we lost during that time. We decided to donate to Alternatives for Battered Women. The statistics of how many overweight people there are in the world VS. how many without enough food are staggering.

Our topic for the day was Portion Sizes. If you aren't losing like you think you should look at your portions. Even 0 pt. foods have calories and if you eat more than one serving they will still equal points and extra calories. Also remember to stop an assess your satisfaction level. We all decided we eat too fast and don't know when to stop until it is too late. I know I'm guilty of that. All the years of working in hospitals with only a 30 minutes meal time taught me to shovel it in. I really need to work on that. Review your week 1 book for serving sizes and ways of measuring. Lots of good reminders of things that we all need to think about from time to time.


Re: WW meeting topic this week 9/8

Thank you for sharing, Pat.

What a wonderful thing WW is doing to raise money like that!

I agree about portion sizes and eating too fast. I deliberately cut my food into tiny pieces now to slow myself down. I find that really helps, especially when eating out. Setting my fork down between bites is helpful too. I also find that changing positions in my seat helps me to determine whether I am full or not. I can feel whether I am full or not better from a standing position than a seated one. Weird, huh? LOL

Re: WW meeting topic this week 9/8

Good topic! I will hear that this Saturday. One good thing about portion control is also the size plate you are eating from. Use a smaller size plate and your portions will not seem so small. Always read those box and can labels for the number of servings you're getting, example the Progresso Soup. The can says 0 points per serving on some....if you eat the whole can it's 2 points! Always something to think about.