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Daily commitment thread 9-12-08

Good morning and happy Friday. It sounds like everyone had a pretty good day yesterday. It was very moving to read everyone's stories od 9/11 and how their lives were changed that day. I pray we never experience anything like that ever again.

I did well with food and exercise yesterday. I stayed OP and rode 16.5 miles on my bike. It was a good day.

Today is a busy one. I have to get the family off to school, then go for my bone density test, then go to the hospital too see about discharge arrangements for my father in law, put gas in my mother in law's car, get Mitch's glasses fixed, stop by the library, pick up my mom at the car repair place, take my mom to the mall, take my mom to get groceries, and get home to get the kids off the bus and do homework! Ahhhhhhhh! My mom and I are having lunch out too, so I will special order something to stay OP. I seem to be the queen of that. LOL

What are you doing today?

Re: Daily commitment thread 9-12-08

just checking to say I am OP...can't always do an early check-in, re exercising before work and lack of time. Horrendous day yesterday, re mom in assisted living taking a fall...I know if I wasn't OP, it would be much more difficult to have the energy to handle all the 'stuff' coming my way. Hope everyone has a healthy day. Maajida

Re: Daily commitment thread 9-12-08

Maajida and Uki, sounds like you both have your hands full with parent issues. Remember you can't help them if you don't take care of yourself.
We are leaving for PA in a couple hours. Will camp tonight in a state park and then tomorrow watch our son drive his Jeep in competition. We will then go to his house in Maryland and come home Monday. I plan to stay OP. Have good food packed and Jeremy's girlfriend is on WW also so hopefully will have OP meals there. See you all Monday evening or Tues.


Re: Daily commitment thread 9-12-08

Good morning everyone! I had a great OP day yesterday!

It's pouring here this morning and it's going to rain the next several days. They are worried about flooding here again. Ugh!

Went for my interview last night and it went well. Should know by Monday if I was selected or not. If not, then, it's OK. This place mass produces primarily bagels and even though I'd be in an office up in the administration area...the whole place smells like blueberry bagels...talk about torture! One of my job responsibilities would be to prepare 6 conference rooms and order bagels/muffins for each meeting....heaven help me! I don't like bagels, but you know if it's in front of you...

Anyway...I've been journaling hardcore for awhile and for every day I end "OP", I draw a huge happy face on the page...sounds so dumb, but I need visuals, haha!! Looking back, I've been 100% OP (no cheating) for 11 days straight...something about seeing those happy faces wants me to just keep on drawing them. Weird huh? Well, whatever works!!

Have great day!