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Daily Commitment 9/14/08

Good morning everyone. People must be sleepin in this morning.

Had a great OP day yesterday. Was very busy here at home and had to work yesterday eve as well.

Headed out to church this morning. We're expecting 2-4 inches of rain in my neck of the woods today--thanks to the jet stream picking up Ick and bringing the storms our way.

Looks like a great day to be OP...how about you?

Re: Daily Commitment 9/14/08

Good morning from my son's house in Maryland. We spent the day yesterday watching Rock Crawling with Jeeps. They drive up and over all kinds of rocks and hills. Lots of Jeeps rolled over (no one hurt). I even survived watching Jeremy roll his Jeep onto the driver's side. Thank God for a good roll cage. None of us thought to put on sunscreen so I'm sunburned from my eyes down to my neck. I had on sunglasses and a ball hat so I really look funny with only half my face burnt. Not a good OP day. Did OK for breakfast and lunch but waited too long for supper and we ended up eating at Quiznos. Not horrible off plan but not great either. We leave to go home tomorrow morning so I'll get back in my routine. I've read the posts that I missed and it sounds like everyone is doing good.