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WI Sept. 13th

Hello everyone! I've been AWOL for several days, but wanted to pop back in. It has been so busy this week around my house that I have barely had time to breathe, much less play around on the computer. Hope all is well with everyone. I will have to go back and catch up on the threads.

Anyway, yesterday was WI day for me. I was down .8 for a total of 44.2 lbs. I have 5.8 lbs. to go to reach my ultimate 50 lb. goal. Man, these last 10 are going so slow!! Oh well, at least the scale is still moving down, right?

Everyone have a wonderful OP week. I will try not to be a stranger this week.


Re: WI Sept. 13th

Cheryle, congrats on the loss. I'm a slow loser so I can understand. Hope your life slows down.


WI Sept. 13th

Thank you Pat. As for slowing down, it doesn't slow down once the school year starts. I'm full swing back to work and the boys are full swing in after school activities. It gets crazy.

Well, I have a real exciting (for me) discovery. After I posted about my loss, I was looking over my WW stuff. I discovered that I did not have a .8 loss, I actually had a 1.4 loss!! I had looked at the wrong weight when I figured my loss.
Let me explain. Since I'm lifetime, I only officially WI once a month. That weight is recorded by the leader in my membership book. However, I actually attend meetings weekly and WI for my own personal accountability. Those weights, I write on an index card that I keep with my membership book. When I weighed yesterday, the leader wrote my weight on the index card, and I subtracted from the last weight recorded from the card. However, last week's WI was written in my membership book instead, so the one I used was from 2 weeks ago. Whoo hoo! I am still 5.8 away from my 50 lb. goal, but I did have a bigger loss than I had first thought.