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Daily commitment thread 9-16-08

Good morning ladies! The board seemed to be slow yesterday. I am guessing folks were just pretty busy.

The kids and Scott all had a calamity day yesterday and were off of school. The high winds had knocked out the power during the night, but it came back on at 2:45a, so I thought we were okay. Evidently, there were still LOTS of trees down and power lines down in the area, so they cancelled school for everyone. It was like a "free day!" We went and visited Scott's mom and picked up Mitch's new glasses. Scott and I took a nap in the afternoon because we had been up so much messing with the generator and such. It was a nice day.

Today I will catch up with the chores here in the house that I didn't do yesterday. The house needs a good cleaning!

Have a great OP day everyone. :)

Re: Daily commitment thread 9-16-08

Had a lot of "Monday chores" to do yesterday, but also had to prepare something to take to a MOPS meeting last night (nothing but finger foods). Managed to stay OP, though.

I will be finishing up what didn't get done yesterday and hopefully today will be a little smoother going!

Hope everyone has a good OP day! I'm loving this "fall like" weather in the south!!!

Re: Daily commitment thread 9-16-08

Back to work for me today (I have Monday's off). I stayed OP yesterday...I ate all day long though, just very low point stuff. I'm still waiting to hear something from my doctor about my thyroid ultrasound from last week. It's driving me crazy; I think that's why I ate all day long yesterday. Heard from the job I interviewed for though...didn't get the position and that's OK with me, I'll just stay where I'm at until something else comes along.

I'm headed to my moms this weekend, she's got me a jar of that PB2 for me to try. I hope I like it!!

Slow day here at work, so I'll just read my boards and surf the www, LOL.

Re: Daily commitment thread 9-16-08

Good morning. It's good to be home. Amazing how good it feels to sleep in your own bed. We spent one night in the camper and 2 at son's on an Aero Bed (air mattress). It is comfortable except for the getting down to it and up again.
The last 3 days haven't been too WW friendly. I ate many things off my program. Today I will be OP. I got on the scales this AM and I'm up 1 #. Some of that will come off with water drinking. I always gain when I spend a long time driving. I'm off to quilt club this AM and then who knows what. I need to clean house but that is low on my list of things I want to do.
Hope everyone has a good day


Re: Daily commitment thread 9-16-08

OP for another 24 as well. Catching up on paper work, bills, phone calls, emails today - nice and quiet.

Got in a good run this morning after I dropped my youngest at school. I was actually chilly - enjoying the cooler weather though I know its not likely to last very long.

Trying to run faster and/or longer and it is making me STARVING! Need printer ink and a few other things at the store - might need to get out of the house for a while so I don't start lurking in the kitchen LOL

Have a great day y'all.