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Angela's Menu thread for 9-16-08

Okay, Angela, how about breakfast today?? :)

B: Nutrigrain waffles and PB2

L: Squash sandwich on lite wheat, cottage cheese

D: Crockpot beef and noodles, veggies

treat: cookie dough sundae and toppings

Re: Angela's Menu thread for 9-16-08

Yesterday was so busy, no menu post. Today will be better.

Breakfast - Cereal, banana, and milk

Lunch - Chicken salad (homemade), lettuce, tomato

Dinner - Shrimp stir-fry with lots of veggies

Snack - HG S'more

Re: Angela's Menu thread for 9-16-08

Breakfast - protein bar

Lunch - chili from Wendy's and apple.

Snack - Chex Turtle Bar

Dinner - Beef Stroganoff and green beans

Snack - Grapes

Re: Angela's Menu thread for 9-16-08

B- shredded wheat, Fiber 1 and milk
L- yogurt with frozen berries, carrots
Snack- probably popcorn
S- pork chops, scalloped potatoes (trying a new recipe) maybe stewed apples for dessert


Re: Angela's Menu thread for 9-16-08

B: coffee with sf/ff hazelnut creamer (1 pt)
Cliff Mojo bar (4 pt)

L: chicken and stir "fried" veggies
maybe some brown rice

Snack: Honeycrisp apple - they are finally here - first of the season - delish!

D: chicken and veggie skewers on grill
if I don't have rice at lunch I will have it now
fruit salad

Dessert: Smart Ones peanut butter cup sundae (3 pt)


Re: Angela's Menu thread for 9-16-08

I have been on the go since 5:30 this a.m. it wasn't planned so this hasn't been a good day...

B: coffe with french vanilla creamer
L: 2 grahem crachers (2 points) aND 21 reduced fat triscuits.... yikes- (6 points)
YIKES- oh well atleast it feels good to be honest